Imitate experienced writers.

Get inspired by millions of examples.

Suggestions while writing

Write in your document and get suggestions in real time to complete your writing.

Select a word and get four kinds of suggestions

Exact suggestions show how a word is used in real sentences.

Related suggestions include grammatical variations of the word searched.

Suggestions for replacing the word searched; not just synonyms, but also related words that can be used in similar contexts.

Suggestions to complete the sentence you are writing.

Integrated dictionary

Our dictionary lets you discover the meanings, synonyms, antonyms, and expressions related to the words you're looking up.

Are you not a Native English Speaker?

Do not worry! Translate a word or expression with our human-made and contextualised translations. Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Italian, Swedish, Dutch, Finnish and Danish are available.

Our users love it!

Maritza Rosas
Researcher at Andrés Bello University

WriteBetter is the writing assistant I was waiting for. It’s easy to use and has helped me enhance the quality of my papers. I can focus on my writing because I have everything I need in my word processor. I have also used it with the students whose dissertations I supervise and they love it! WriteBetter really makes you write better.

Valeria Riveros
Lecturer at Alberto Hurtado University (Chile)

WriteBetter has been a very handy application for the development of my students’ writing skills. WriteBetter comes to be a perfect tool when promoting the writing ability in class since students can analyze language by exploring real-world English. I truly recommend using WriteBetter in your English class since I have witnessed my students expanding their linguistic knowledge and reducing their L1 interference in their writings

Igor Lara
English teacher at International School SEK

As a teacher, I can say it’s a great app for encouraging self-study and inductive learning in the classroom.

What are you waiting for?

WriteBetter is compatible with many word processors.

Google Docs

Extension for Google Chrome.

Microsoft Word

Add-in for Word 2016 or later.


Extension for Google Chrome.

Alternatively, use WriteBetter Online!

WriteBetter Online

Works in any browser.


Everyone knows how difficult it is to write well - especially in a foreign language. So, we merged our knowledge about linguistics and computer science to develop a software tool able to assist people in their writing tasks in English. In our academic experience, we noticed that the writing performance of students and novice researchers could be poor due to the lack of knowledge about specialised language or English in general. That is why, we applied the principles of corpus linguistics to develop WriteBetter, an easy-to-use solution integrated into the word processor to let any writer draw inspiration from expert and qualified writers.

Daniela Bascuñán

Linguist, MA in English language and teaching at Lancaster University

Alessio Bellino

PhD in Computer Science at the University of Milano-Bicocca.


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