4 ways to get inspired: this is how you start writing!

Unfortunately, it is quite common that you sit in front of your computer with a lot of information in your mind, and still do not know how to start writing! This can happen to a beginner, but also to very wise writers. People talk about this event as if your mind were blocked and prevented you from actually writing. If you are struggling to get inspiration for your paper or do not know how to start, keep on reading this article.

1. Brainstorm your ideas

What is to brainstorm? Take a piece of blank paper and a pencil, write the topic of your paper at the centre and surround it with words associated with it. You write any word or phrase that could be linked to the central theme of your text. This is helpful to start thinking about arguments or things you need to mention irrevocably. You can draw conclusions from this exercise as, for example, determine what is the most suitable word to refer to, in case your topic deals more often with synonyms. This is also a visual aid that could help you organize your paper and also to remember the elemental ideas.

2. Create an outline

When you are ready with the elemental ideas by doing the previous exercise, you will need to organize your arguments in a logical order that is useful for the reading of your audience. Creating an outline can take time if you are not acquainted with this type of structure, but by doing it you are practicing how to synthesize your ideas. General or main ideas are essential for an outline, so it is a helpful exercise to help you discriminate between the several pieces of information you may want to include. It is also useful in terms of organizing conductive arguments that need a specific order of cause and consequence to be fully understood. Furthermore, outlines are especially suitable to start writing a research paper, because they tend to follow the logical structure of the scientific method.

3. Read for examples in the existing literature

A good way of getting inspired is by reading what other authors have said about the same topic. In this case, you may want to pay attention not only to what other texts say, but also to how they are written. Authors to look up to do not have to be experts, you can get inspired by your classmates and teachers. Having good ideas is important, just as it is to be able to explain those ideas in an appealing way. When you read the next paper, pay attention to: order of arguments or information, definitions, and explanations of concepts, discourse markers, paragraph structure, and length, etc. All those details have a huge influence on the final outcome of a text.

4. Help yourself by using a language software

Nowadays, technology has developed some outstanding language software. Most of them help writers correct grammar mistakes and general stylistic issues. In the case of WriteBetter, it does much more than that! WriteBetter is also a language software, whose main characteristic is that it provides writers with examples retrieved from databases and published academic entries. This way it supports researchers and no matter the area of expertise of their work, it will contribute their work with examples to get inspired. The easiest way to run this program is by using it along with your language processor of preference, online and at the same time that you are writing.

In other words, WriteBetter provides immediate feedback and support to your writing, which saves a lot of time from consulting teachers or learning from bad grades. Finding help in technological devices is not uncommon these days, in fact, experts are relying more often on these tools which are economic and beneficial in a lot of aspects. Apart from enhancing your papers right away, these tools also foster self-learning, as you will be the one in charge of selecting the suitable words and examples to build your text.

Finally, remember that practice makes perfect! Over time and by following these pieces of advice, you will eventually learn how to come up with outstanding ideas for your text, getting better and better. Just be patient and try out these steps.

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