Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is WriteBetter a grammar checker? Can I use WriteBetter to correct errors?

Not exactly. WriteBetter does not give you automated suggestions to correct errors. Rather, WriteBetter gives you suggestions to get inspired while writing and help you solve your linguistic doubts. For example, you can check two alternatives such as “depend on” and “depend of” and understand that “depend on” is surely correct since it is much more frequent. Research demonstrates that, when learners are encouraged to consult a corpus to check the correctness of linguistic patterns, learning is much more effective and meaningful. Nevertheless, you can use WriteBetter together with a grammar checker if you need automated suggestions to correct your writing.

2. Are all the examples provided by WriteBetter linguistically reliable?

WriteBetter is based on corpus linguistics. Corpora are great tools to understand how words are used in real language. Sociolinguistically speaking, any social group has its own language features (sets of expressions, jargon, slang, etc). The same applies to research communities (such as biology, computer science, linguistics, etc.): any of them has its own specialised language. Deep knowledge of that specialised language is crucial to demonstrate to be a member of a certain community. WriteBetter shows you real samples written by experts of your community for you to write like one of them. To do so, WriteBetter includes 20 millions of scientific abstracts coming from all scientific disciplines.

An example? Open WriteBetter and try to search a sentence rich in words and expressions coming from a certain discipline, and you will be able to explore lots of similar sentences from which you can take inspiration.

3. Where does WriteBetter work?

WriteBetter is available for Microsoft Word (2016 or later). If you don’t use Microsoft Word, there is an online version of WriteBetter.

4. Where do the text collections stored in WriteBetter come from?

All the linguistic data available in WriteBetter come from open-access sources. We have more than 60 GB of scientific articles, books, and Wikipedia entries. The latter comprehends only featured articles, that is to say, only the best-written articles of Wikipedia.

5. Do I need an internet connection to use WriteBetter?

Yes, you need an internet connection because all the linguistic data is stored on our servers.

6. What are the technical requirements needed to use WriteBetter properly?

1 Mbps is enough for WriteBetter to work properly. However, the ideal speed is 10 Mbps.
Dual-Core processor or superior.
4 GB RAM Memory (minimum).