Academic writing: how to start

Academic writing is not an easy task for many students who are frightening when they have to deal with it. Probably, if we would not know the appropriate method, we had written a nonsense text with disorganized ideas and no clear concepts. 

It is conveyed to inscribe good academic writing is a long process. In the beginning, it is tough to identify what is academic or not. The use of language could help. The text must be as polite and formal as possible. However, that is not enough. Therefore, we present four aspects that will support efficiently to write an academic text.

Where to begin an academic text? 

Perhaps, this is the most difficult step when writing. It is highly recommended to commence by looking for relevant authors, literature, and sources with trustful theoretical content. After that, it is useful to create a draft, outline or brainstorm the main concepts, to clarify your ideas. Before that, it is required to organize the final outline and edit it carefully. 

Where to write? 

Find an illuminated and quiet place and take books, files, bibliographic, transcripts, and so on. Do not forget a piece of paper and pens to take some notes. 

What to write about?

First of all, you need something to say and know what the purpose of your writing is, such as to communicate, to convince, to explain, etc. Also, it is crucial to recognize your readers. Thus, you can connect what you want to say with their main interests. State clearly what you expect as a result of reading your text. Moreover, you have to show enough confidence to express yourself as an expert on the topic. 

What should I not forget?

Of course, you need to know how to write sentences, paragraphs, headings, commentaries, and so on. Besides, practicing is essential to improve your academic writing. As time goes by, you will realize what is the best choice in terms of style, word selection, grammar, and punctuation. 

Writing a text is similar to the process of knitting; you have to put little pieces of wool together until a piece of clothes is done. For example, putting pieces of information together from many sources will create a new article with a new sense and purpose. 

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