Why make an outline and how to do it

Not only for beginners but for every writer, an outline is the most preferred starter step. An outline is a list of ideas, concepts or steps to follow, which you write prior to starting writing your paper. It is the simplest way to order your ideas and to secure a logical structure for your text. […]

English collocations: Gas emanations or gas fumes?

If you are reading about chemistry or about our atmosphere, you may have encountered already these two ways of denoting the leak of gas substances. Technical vocabulary is somewhat difficult to put together in a text, even more if you are not a really experienced scientific writer. This is complex, mainly because there are different […]

How to write a literature review for a research paper

Conducting research is not easy, as it often involves that the researcher invests a lot of time and effort. The literature review in a research paper is one of the most important and time-consuming tasks to do, but it is very important for the researcher and the readers to be aware of the existing investigations […]

The role of technology in the production of texts

Teachers and students, authors and editors, all writers in the globalized world, rely on technological tools to produce their texts. Not only the computer has replaced the writing machines of the past, but the importance of the internet in the last decades has made a revolutionary impact on the way writers produce and share their […]

5-paragraph essay: a guide

As you probably know, an essay is a text which develops a specific topic, an idea or an opinion in a few paragraphs. One of the most common modalities of this type of writing is the 5-paragraph essay. In these 5 paragraphs, the author intends to provide arguments to support a thesis statement which, sometimes, […]

4 ways to get inspired: this is how you start writing!

Unfortunately, it is quite common that you sit in front of your computer with a lot of information in your mind, and still do not know how to start writing! This can happen to a beginner, but also to very wise writers. People talk about this event as if your mind were blocked and prevented […]

How to avoid plagiarism

Good writing is authentic, trustworthy and relevant. A paper with little or no citations is hard to find published in a database that considers itself prestigious and ethical. Therefore, teachers’ talks about plagiarism are repetitive, but also very accurate: not giving credit to other’s ideas is not only bad for acquiring nice grades, but also […]

Estilector and WriteBetter

As writers, students of all kinds need constant support and assessment in order to reach adequate standards to cope with university requirements. In this sense, teachers are not always available to help learners with their writing skills. Moreover, academic writing is far more complex than just checking the orthography of a text. For this and […]

3 ideas to become a better writer

The challenges of writing are endless. First of all, it is a complex action which takes practice and passion to polish. Secondly, writers need a lot of self-awareness in order to identify and correct the mistakes they make. Students are assessed critically by their teachers, who will guide them in order to accomplish better writing […]