From a word to an idea: accurate academic language in use

Mastering the use of technical vocabulary is fundamental to success in academic writing. However, words can be tricky, and trickiness can cost you dearly if you are not able to combine vocabulary properly. Therefore, in this article we will explore how to use technical vocabulary effectively by operating the Context feature of WriteBetter. You will realise several combinations a word may have and how each of these possible wordings may change the sense of your writing, so make yourself comfortable and prepare to start writing like a world-class researcher.

Finding your academic voice

Tone is defined as the writer’s voice in any writing. This feature allows the reader to identify the writer’s attitude or personality towards the theme and audience, they are referring to. Every writing genre has its tone, which is
conveyed through the choice of words used in a writing context. Therefore, if you want to succeed in academic writing, you have to be able to identify how to use your voice effectively considering all the properties that are common to academic writing. Don’t worry if you are not fully aware of them, as in this entry we will tell you how to find your academic voice.