How should I prepare for an international exam?

If you’re learning English as foreign language, sooner or later you’ll find yourself sitting for an international exam: a challenge that I hope I can help you approach with the tips and tricks you’ll find in this article. Why trust me? Well, aside from  having sat for international exams in the past, I have helped […]

Book releases to look forward to in 2020

If you’re a bookworm, I’m sure you think new book releases are one of the best things about starting a brand new year. Perhaps you’re waiting for the next volume of your favourite saga to drop, or maybe you’re just curious about your favourite author’s upcoming novel. If so, I hope the book you’re craving […]

The Best of Children’s Literature in 2019

You might be asking yourself, what is Children’s literature, exactly? Well, defining what fits and doesn’t within the realm of Children’s Literature is a bit tricky. Some of the works that are considered part of the canon of Children’s Literature – like Alice in Wonderland – were not originally written with children in mind as […]

The Best Books of 2019

Being a bookworm myself, I thought it necessary to start this new decade by making a personal list of some of the best books published in 2019. The titles featured on this list stand out not only because of their popularity (some of them being best sellers), but also because of their literary quality.  The […]

Cognates and False Cognates

The vocabularies of English and Spanish share some similarities. This realization will become more and more evident as you surround yourself with both languages (by listening to music, watching movies, reading, or talking to other learners), so don’t worry if you hadn’t thought about it until just now. Nowadays, most shared words usually belong to […]

Three famous women writers and their writing routines

Jane Austen (1775-1817) Jane Austen, author of Pride and Prejudice (1813) and Mansfield Park (1814) is a great example of someone that managed to thrive in a setting that seems to oppose the myth of privacy and solitude of the artist. Austen didn’t write in her room; there were seldom any opportunities for privacy in her cottage in Chawton, […]

Writer’s block and how to overcome it

Writer’s block is a common experience for those who dedicate themselves to writing. More often than not, the biographies of our favourite authors are filled with anecdotes of dry spells, droughts of inspiration and creative infertility, all of which points towards an unacknowledged, often ignored truth: no one is free from the writer’s curse, and every writer has […]