Pitch: Essential Tool for Entrepreneurs

In simple words, a pitch is a message orally conveyed which target is to convince an enterprise or client to invest in a business together. Broadly speaking, the concept is used to tell the investors about the advantages of your project or to expose the benefits of your brand. It aims at calling the audience […]

We are part of Start-Up Chile again!

Start-Up Chile ― the most important accelerator in Latin America ― has trusted us once again. One year ago, we were selected to participate in TSF (generation 8), where we could develop our MVP and validate our solution in the Chilean market. This time we are part of the Seed programme (generation 22), where we expect to grow as […]

WriteBetter at Arturo Prat University

On January 11, 2019, we presented WriteBetter to a group of English teachers and students at the conference “Teaching Languages in Multicultural Contexts”. This presentation took place in the main auditorium of Arturo Prat University, located in the city of Iquique, in the north of Chile.  The presentation lasted 1 hour, in which we could […]

WriteBetter is in the air: 25 English teachers attended our workshop at San Sebastián University in Santiago of Chile

We had the pleasure of being invited and participating in the “Jornada de Actualización Pedagógica 2019” (Pedagogical Update Conference 2019) organised by San Sebastián University in Santiago of Chile. The activity of this conference consisted of academic analysis and reflection on topics relevant to the work of the Faculty, such as neurosciences, evaluation for learning, […]

We were invited to the English week at Universidad Mayor

As every year, the English teaching programme of Universidad Mayor held its English week at the end of October. We had the pleasure of presenting WriteBetter to a large audience of English professors and students. Many of the attendees showed interest in our incredible writing tool. For this reason, we were asked to do a […]

Students and teachers of a translation programme are interested in WriteBetter

UNIACC was the second university that contacted us to give a talk. This time the talk was given to the freshmen and one teacher of the Spanish-English Translation programme of that university. In spite of being first-year students, they showed great interest in knowing our tool and being able to use it in their translation […]

WriteBetter’s first public talk: Andrés Bello University opened its doors to meet us

For the very first time, a Chilean university opened its doors to know everything about a new language learning approach: the Data-driven learning. This is the linguistic principle behind our amazing writing assistant WriteBetter. We were honoured to present our software to the authorities, teachers, students of the English teaching programme of this university, who showed […]