Exploring the variety of corpora

The importance of corpora (language databases) for language technologies, as it has mentioned in previous articles, can’t be overstated. Corpora are effectively the foundations of all language technologies. Thus, the better the corpora are designed and built, the better the technologies will work.  In a previous article, we talked about the considerations one should have […]

Considerations Before Building a Corpus

In previous articles, we have talked about natural language processing (NLP) and how it combines linguistics and computer science to create different language technologies, such as the spell checkers we use every day when we chat in our cellphones, or apps like WriteBetter, which aim to help writers of all levels to polish their pieces through […]

Concordancers: taking a peek into the linguistic context of a word

Natural language processing (NLP), the branch of computer science concerned with transforming human language (as opposed to formal languages, such as math or computer code) into something readable and understandable by a machine, has generated many interesting applications that are commonplace today: spell correction, word prediction, search engines, automatic translation apps (a.k.a. machine translation), chatbots, […]