Freshmen students of the English teaching programme at Universidad Diego Portales used WriteBetter in their writing class

All English teachers know that developing writing skills is always a challenge. Lack of students’ motivation can also be a barrier when it comes to tackling writing in the English class. However, WriteBetter has been useful to motivate students and make them write confidently despite their English level. This is what we could see in the writing class of freshmen students at Universidad Diego Portales in Santiago of Chile. In this group of students, the level of English is very diverse, which goes from A1 to C2 according to the test they took at the beginning of the academic year. Nonetheless, this was not a limitation to use WriteBetter wisely.

These students have been reading and speaking about the topic “English as a lingua franca” in the other modules of their English course. That is why they were asked to write about that topic with WriteBetter in their writing class. Even though this was the first time they used the tool, they felt quite confident when using it in their writing task.

As a matter of fact, one student told us: “it is great to have a writing assistant that gives you a hand with English because you also have to think about good ideas to write, and dealing with those two things at the same time is overwhelming for us as first-year students. So, you can better focus on the content, the ideas … WriteBetter helps you with the language issues”. This type of feedback lets us think that WriteBetter is here to stay!

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