WriteBetter is in the air: 25 English teachers attended our workshop at San Sebastián University in Santiago of Chile

We had the pleasure of being invited and participating in the “Jornada de Actualización Pedagógica 2019” (Pedagogical Update Conference 2019) organised by San Sebastián University in Santiago of Chile. The activity of this conference consisted of academic analysis and reflection on topics relevant to the work of the Faculty, such as neurosciences, evaluation for learning, mediation of reading, play and physical activity, literature, English, and universal design of learning, among others. In addition, for one day, the teachers dedicated the day to learning about innovation with Information Technology (ICT) applied to education, developing a workshop on digital skills for teachers of the twenty-first century.

In this context, we had the opportunity to offer a 4-hour workshop for English teachers from schools and universities. The first part of the workshop consisted of a theoretical explanation of the linguistic foundations behind WriteBetter: specifically, Data-driven learning (DDL) and, broadly speaking, corpus linguistics. For most attendees, this was a new subject, so they showed a genuine interest in learning this new approach to teaching English. After that, Daniela explained the main features and functions of WriteBetter; then, she showed WriteBetter in action by using it as an English learner. After this, teachers had 1 hour to write a text with WriteBetter and see with their own eyes how it works and how effective it can be for their English lessons. Finally, we held focus group discussions with the teachers, who expressed their feelings and thoughts about WriteBetter. It was a great activity to close the workshop!

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