Estilector and WriteBetter

As writers, students of all kinds need constant support and assessment in order to reach adequate standards to cope with university requirements. In this sense, teachers are not always available to help learners with their writing skills. Moreover, academic writing is far more complex than just checking the orthography of a text. For this and other matters, technological devices such as writing software tools come to play an important role in the making of good writers, and they also help students achieve their academic goals. There are many writing software tools existing nowadays, all of them with specific characteristics to meet different students’ needs when it comes to writing skills. In this article, we review two different technological tools whose aim is to help you with your different necessities.

Two amazing tools to improve your writing

Nowadays, most text processing programs already include the option for writers to check orthography, but they lack help in terms of vocabulary options or what teachers expect regarding text structure. Here it is where technological tools as writing assistants come to play an important role. If you need help with your academic writing in Spanish, Estilector is your tool. If you need help with English, WriteBetter can change your life!

Estilector: improve your academic writing in Spanish

Estilector will provide you with information about the use of discourse markers or repeated words in Spanish. This tool is available online and it requires an internet connection to function, but it will immediately highlight the words that you constantly repeat in each paragraph. The lack of innovating vocabulary could diminish the quality of your text, creating an image of your writing skills as rather simplistic, which is something teachers usually pay attention to. In this sense, this tool is oriented to beginners, students who are initiating their academic writing production in their first or the second year of university.

Along the same line, Estilector will give you information about the discourse markers present in your text. The program shows the variety and quantity of discourse markers and suggests changes in order to enhance the coherence and cohesion of your writing. Teachers also focus on these aspects when grading their students’ texts, because it will show if your argument follows a coherent line. Nevertheless, for more proficient writers, that is, advanced university-level students, this analysis would not be enough.

WriteBetter: improve your academic writing in English

When dealing with upper courses at university, teachers ask for more than fancy words or markers in your text. For such purposes, WriteBetter is a more suitable tool if you need help with your English writing. The most interesting characteristic of this software is that you can use it through the text processor of your preference (Word, GoogleDocs, and Overleaf), giving you writing examples in real time. In other words, you may be lacking inspiration on how to conduct your writing, and this software will give you examples of how to continue your paragraph. Examples are displayed next to your texts, and they are taken from real published papers, giving you extra confidence in your writing.

Another important aspect of WriteBetter is the unlimited range of topics or text genres to be displayed in the examples. There is no a specific discipline which works best in WriteBetter: if you are writing about very specialized topics, this tool will show suitable examples to enhance your text, no matter how technical your content is. Also, if there is any word you are not sure how to implement in your document, this software gives you a list of contexts in which that word is most likely to appear. This is extremely useful in terms of confidence: no more random introductions or conclusive paragraphs, just choose an alternative that has already been proved successful. This last characteristic makes WriteBetter a perfect tool for postgraduate students and researchers who cannot make mistakes in their papers.

Finally, academic writing is a complex matter for students and it requires practice to achieve well-written texts. And even for well-trained writers, good ideas can be blurred by lack of inspiration or innovation in terms of vocabulary or technical concepts. Therefore, writing tools provide immediate solutions according to different writing purposes that students may have. As we already know, a perfect orthography is not enough to get good grades by teachers or to convey a good idea. All the other writing needs can be covered by either the help of a teacher or, as posed here, by using innovating writing programs that provide writers with immediate evaluation of their texts.

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