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…Çalışkan’s first novel, A Bar Philosopher is a love story based on a true story.

…Çalışkan published his first book A Bar Philosopher (Bir Bar Filozofu) in October 2015 and became a national bestseller. His second book 94 will be out in early 2017.

…Çalışkan now focuses on movie adaptation and international editions of his first book A Bar Philosopher. His second novel 94 is supposed to be published at the end of the 2016.

Zündel has two important meetings in Genoa: In a bar, he meets Serafin (not only his name reminds angels) a Spanish sailor with an Austrian dialect. The two men are constating a relation between their souls – and leave each other. Not less…

Zweller is cheated by a group of Nausicaans at a bar game, and he plans his revenge by rigging the next match. When the Nausicaans lose, they are enraged and goad Zweller. But instead of joining the fight as he did before, Picard holds Zweller back, averting tragedy but humiliating his friend. Both Corey and Marta leave him in disgust.

Legal Reform and the Committee on European Integration. Outside of the Verkhovna Rada he also moonlighted as a lawyer; Ukrainian courts had no requirement for practitioners of law to hold certifications or pass a bar examination. On one…

Zuzha Yu was a mutant who worked at a bar near McGill University in Montreal and was supposedly the daughter of the original Puck. She agreed to join the reformed Alpha Flight after losing an arm-wrestling match with Walter Langkowski, alias Sasquatch.

Zuenir was born in Minas Gerais and moved to Rio de Janeiro during his youth. He had to work in order to pay his superior studies. His first job was as a wall painter apprentice, with his father. He was also a janitor at a bar and a…

… of two boys. The first was Herbert, followed four years later by Paul. Both attended religious school and at the age of thirteen had a Bar Mitzvah rite of passage to celebrate their transition to manhood in the Jewish community.

… feelings to Jesse and asks him to sleep with her; he agrees, but changes his mind after she admits that she is a virgin. Zibby is insulted and hurt, asks him to leave. Jesse goes to a bar where he meets Fairfield again. They have a one-night…

Zher the ZOO is located in Yoyogi in Tokyo’s Shibuya district. It is a concert venue with a capacity of 280 people and also serves as a bar after hours.

Zevon met co-writer Lindell in Spain, where the latter was running a bar after a stint working as a mercenary in Africa. Always interested in the darker side of life, Zevon decided to collaborate with Lindell on a song about a mercenary.

Zapatas Cantina Mexicana Restaurant – named in memory of Mexican revolutionary leader Emiliano Zapata now a bar and restaurant in Angeles City, Pampanga, Philippines.

Zafra de Záncara does not have many basic services. There are no schools nor permanent medical doctors. Currently there is a house, a bar and a shop in the town center, along with two restaurants and a shop next to the A3.

Young law student Harper blames his powerful stepfather Vincent for causing the car accident that put his mother in a coma. One evening in a bar he drinks with the professional criminal Johnny Ray, who agrees to solve the problem with his…

… to a bar, they return to Axel’s apartment, where two men knock Axel unconscious and then confront Mikey about the bearer bonds, assault him, and kill him.

Young also recognized a separation between using tobacco (which was discouraged), and selling it to non-Mormons as a business (which was encouraged). He also owned and maintained a bar in Salt Lake City for the sale of alcoholic beverages…

Youkilis is Jewish and had a Bar Mitzvah at a Conservative synagogue. At the age of 14, he had an uncredited one-line speaking role in the romantic comedy film Milk Money. He attended Sycamore High School in the northeastern suburbs of…

York is a small town that is known for its annual rodeo held every second weekend in August. Since it is such a small town there are no stores or gas stations. There is however a park and a bar. The unincorporated community of York is designated by the Zip code 54758.

… band’s equipment, preaching to him about the lack of freedom in Cuba. In protest, Bobby and his band are disruptive in public, leading to their arrest. Gustavo and Yolanda enjoy each other’s company on the beach, though they are refused service at a bar that is for tourists only. A rich Italian businessman, Claudio, buys them two beers out of sympathy.

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