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Zambiasaurus had a barrel shaped body that was strongly built but very slow. The body was help off the ground but it either had a sprawling stance or a more upright stance.

Yield indicates the ability of a barrel set to concentrate cooked must at given operating conditions being dependent on the rate of water loss by evaporation. Low yields are due both to relatively low withdrawn and high water evaporation…

… complete map for the same turn, instantly heal the unit, or provide a shield, landmine or grenades), but also hazards such as mines and traps or teleports. Like the older games, there are also explosive barrels; shooting a barrel and managing to explode it will damage and potentially kill all units nearby.

Writer Oscar Corral went to San Martín, San Salvador, where Marroquín’s 95-year-old mother told him that that for thirty years she had dreamt about her Marroquin’s whereabouts, including that she was in a barrel. Marroquin was buried in El Salvador; her mother died a month later and was buried with her.

World oil prices soared to $42 a barrel after the attack.

… construction to providing a lookout and setting course direction for the ship was to lash a barrel to the mast. A member of the crew experienced in the matters of navigation was charged with manning this perch and became to be colloquially known as a barrelman.

… operations, which suffer from the lack of a barrel shifter which was present on every x86 CPU beginning with the i386, including the main competitor processor, Athlon.

… load on the wings reduced, cargo could be carried along the spans or in the wing tanks. With these changes, in mid-summer 1970 Boeing presented a plan that could deliver oil for $1.50 to $2.00 a barrel. The oil companies were not interested. At the time, a barrel sold for about $3.

… well as running highly profitable gambling and loan sharking operations north of Chicago. The two men established a brewery and cooperage, and produced a high quality beer. They soon were selling 1,000 barrels a week at $55 a barrel (for a profit of 92 percent).

… cause an avalanche and bury the Russians in the mountains. In the end, as John is setting up the dynamite, Warwick and several Boneguard approach him. Warwick attempts to kill John but John uses a barrel of gunpowder as a shield (knowing that…

With the 1979 energy crisis the price of oil rose to over $30 a barrel, but by the mid-1980s the price had slid to under $10 a barrel. Thousands of oil and gas industry workers lost their jobs and unemployment rates soared. Downtown Denver…

With oil reaching over US$145 a barrel, Indonesia further increased prices on 24 May 2008 to Rp 6,000 (approx. US$0.65) per litre, and diesel to Rp 5,500 (approx. US$0.60) per litre, while kerosene was raised to Rp 2,500 (approx. US$0.28),…

… some cases the dynamic scale sends a signal to a filler, for instance, in real-time, controlling the actual flow into a barrel, can, bag, etc. In many cases a checkweigher has a light-tree with different lights to indicate the variation of the zone weight of each product.

… the corpse to Knox. They are forced to break the corpse’s spine to fit it into a barrel in order to smuggle it through the city. Burke and Hare present the now-mangled corpse to Knox. After some negotiation, Knox agrees to pay them a good sum…

… compensation for his work. As the brandy was being unloaded at the Water Street cellar, a barrel was staved and 150 gallons were lost.

Wild Kong OilMore advised that the men, Orlinski’s gorilla rejects a barrel of oil. A native of Skull Island, King Kong ruled over a hostile nature, populated by prehistoric animals he knew to preserve. Understanding the dangers of pollution, Wild Kong uses his strength to rid the world of this plague.

Wiegman also placed his works in a barrel, which he left rotating for days on end. The works came out broken up into tiny pieces. In that way he could see how the works would look decades into the future. By doing so, in his own mind,…

Whitevale during these years was a busy place. In 1890 Whitevale contained a stave and heading factory and a barrel factory both owned and operated by the Spink brothers; three general stores, one owned by James Taylor and Donald McPhee; a…

… first states that a barrel of whiskey fell from a pack mule and into the creek that ran by Whiskeytown; the second attributes the name to the legend that miners at Whiskeytown could drink a barrel of the hard liquor a day.

barrel with the levies on Portuguese wines dropping to around £7 a barrel. By 1717, Portuguese wines accounted for more than 66% of all wine imported into England, while French wines imports shrank to a mere 4%.

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