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Monday at 6 pm. They are qualified as a Basic Unit. Although their life and damage are similar to the Werewolf, their Zombie nature makes them extra squishy.

War of 1812, her grandfather a soldier in the Revolutionary War, and his brother, Samuel Huntington, a signer of the Declaration of Independence. She was taught household skills, such as spinning, soap making, and weaving, and received a basic education. She developed musical talent by learning to play the cello.

Zigzags are a basic decorative pattern used on pottery, and are often seen in the cuts which separate pieces of ravioli pasta.

… increasing the airport capacity to serve passenger traffic. Terminal T2 is used for arrivals and charter services. There is no check-in or any other airport services in Terminal T2. The old terminal, called Terminal T1, has 2 check-in desks, a

Zamora was born in Cúa, Miranda State. His parents were Alejandro Zamora and Paula Correa, modest landowners belonging to the white social class. During the early years of his childhood, he received a basic education, typical of a rural area still disrupted by the struggle for independence from Spain.

Zaeef was born in 1968 to a poor family in the small village of Zangiabad in Kandahar of southern Afghanistan and received a basic religious education years before the Soviet invasion. He was barely one-year old when he lost his mother.

ZEBRA is a homodimer. Each subunit has 245 amino acid residues. It has a basic leucine zipper domain, a characteristic of many transcription factors.

… alphabet, which allowed Yuntang to establish a basic Manchu romanisation system around 1723, supposedly as a secret code for communication between himself and other supporters of Yunsi.

Yuchen, 21, a Fine Arts student, comes to interview for a job at 96 °C Café with the company of her friend, Shuting, 21. Shuting has a basic knowledge of coffee and Liqiao thinks she’s cut out for the job. However, it’s Yuchen who wants the job and Liqiao, impressed with her enthusiasm, decides to hire her.

… the north-east of England, including one at York. This first castle at York was a basic wooden motte and bailey castle built between the rivers Ouse and Foss on the site of the present-day York Castle. It was built in haste; contemporary…

Yine people speak the Yine language, which is a Piro language and part of the Southern Maipuran language family. It is written in the Latin script. Over half of the Yine people have a basic literacy rate.

Yichang was keen for his eldest son to gain a basic education rooted in Confucianism, the dominant moral ideology of Chinese society; he deemed a knowledge of Confucian teaching to be essential in allowing his son to develop key business…

Yellow (Aluno): At this level, students have a basic knowledge of the fundamentals, such as esquivas, kicks and ground movements. They begin to demonstrate a novice understanding of the Capoeira game and application of movements. Students know the choruses to some songs and are starting to practice instruments.

Yap earned her PhD in chemical engineering at the University of Toronto in 1979; she had previously received a basic degree in applied chemistry from University of Singapore, now known as the National University of Singapore (NUS), and a master’s degree in biochemical engineering at University College London in 1973.

… and enabling of certain settings such as: SafeSearch, Language Selection, Number of results, Domain restrictions, etc. For a Basic and starter guide to Yahoo Search, they also provided a Search Basics tutorial. In 2005, Yahoo began to…

Xuan La is located only a short distance of 10 km from Châu Can, both formerly in Hà Tây Province. The seven coffins excavated at the site were uncovered in 1982 and show a basic level of similarity to those at Chau Can, but with some difficulties, according to a report by Vietnamese archaeologists Pham Quoc Quan and Trinh Can.

XBT-4: Model 46, one O-1E converted into a basic trainer for the USAAC.

Written in the key of A major, the song uses a basic three-chord structure. The first verse is A-E-A-E-A, while the second verse, which has a slightly different meter, uses A-E-A-D-E-A. The chorus uses the pattern A-D-E-A-D-E-A.

Writing for Level 2 began in late 2007 with drummer Evan Sammons and guitarist A.J. Harvey writing and recording a basic demos of the record. In September 2008 it was announced that Mike Lessard would be taking over vocal duties and…

Writing a clear definition of responsibilities for an active citizen is much more problematic than writing a list of rights. For example, although voting might be considered a basic responsibility by many people, there are some who through disability or other issues are not able to participate fully in the voting process.

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