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… mathematical work was undertaken with applications to astronomy in mind, for example a study of spheres. His work on astronomy was undertaken to provide a basis for his astrology. Śrīpati was the most prominent Indian mathematicians of the 11th century.

… school, he enrolled in St. Petersburg University and graduated in 1903 with honors. Akbaeva worked tirelessly for the people and helped expose illegal arrests and government harassment. He fought to create a basis of rule of law and equal rights.

Zenith had sued Hazeltine for a declaration of misuse and treble antitrust damages. It was therefore necessary for the Court to determine whether coercive total-sales royalties was not only misuse but a basis for antitrust damages as well.

The zebrafish model system has already been used to study neuroregeneration and severe polygenic human diseases like cancer and heart disease. Several zebrafish mutants with behavioural variations in response to cocaine and alcohol dosage have been isolated and can also form a basis for studying the pathogenesis of behavioural disorders.

Zaliznyak’s first monograph, Russian Nominal Inflection (1967), remains a definitive study in the field. Ten years later, he published a highly authoritative Russian Grammar Dictionary, which went through several reprints and provided a basis for Russian grammar software.

… revocation of representatives, assemblies, councils and other forms of self-government, which was declared a basis for the entire organization.

Yigael Yadin and Géza Vermes have argued that the descriptions of the armament, equipment and formation of the Sons of Light suggest a basis in Roman methods of warfare.

Yet, for multiple data sources to interoperate with one another, it is essential to reconcile these semantic differences. Decomposing the various sources of semantic heterogeneities provides a basis for understanding how to map and transform data to overcome these differences.

Yeremey Aypin (Еремей Айпин), a writer of Khanty-Mansi descent, wrote a novel titled Our Lady in the blood-splattered snow («Божья матерь в кровавых снегах»), which was published in 2002 and served as a basis for a movie named The Khanty Saga (“Сага о Хантах”) produced in 2008. The novel is a fictionalized version of the rebellion.

Yaroslav’s death, his sons Izyaslav, Vsevolod, Svyatoslav and their druzhina got together and promulgated a code concerning the violation of property rights in princely lands (Pravda of Yaroslav’s sons) in the middle of the 11th century. Yaroslav’s Pravda and Pravda of Yaroslav’s sons became a basis for the Short edition of Russkaya Pravda.

… real live and historical events as a basis for his plays, they are able to concentrate on political and social commentary going on in modern Japan. Sakate was also influenced by Yamazaki’s journalistic style of writing social criticism by…

Xinhua News Agency has reported that it took two years to design the new vessel with cooperation from an American firm, and that the blueprints of the original ships were obtained for the purpose of a basis for the new ship.

Writing centuries after the great Attic tragedians and using their works as a basis for generalization, he does not insist that the action of a tragedy must be confined to a single revolution of the sun, or that it must take place in one…

… speedsters within the DC Universe. Using this concept as a basis, the character’s ability to tap into the Speed Force was used to expand his abilities. The character was now able to lend speed to other objects and people and create a…

Worman’s papers, including voluminous research on the history of The Cockettes, served as a basis for a documentary and book about the group. and were later acquired by the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts.

World peace or peace on Earth is an ideal state of freedom, peace, and happiness among and within all nations and people. This ideal of world non-violence provides a basis for peoples and nations to willingly cooperate, either voluntarily…

Roger A. Pielke for his Ph.D. research related to sea breeze studies and subsequently with his students at the Colorado State University. RAMS has been used as a basis for other weather forecasting systems.

… mental abilities in the liberal arts field and other professional fields. The results of the tests would provide a basis for the ability of the potential teacher to teach properly. The first of these exams were set for March 1940 and hopes…

… political, and legal factors. The lack of control over both productive and non-productive resources that is apparent in both rural and urban settings places women at a reduced level of advantage in areas of security of home, maintaining a

… practice, and mentions comarcas in Article 97 of Title III, which defines the significance of comarcas and establishes a basis for formal recognition in future legislation.

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