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…Ōhope Beach is a beach in the eastern Bay of Plenty, on the northeast coast of the North Island of New Zealand, six kilometres east and over the hill, from Whakatane.

Feriesenter is a large recreational area along the fjord. It includes a camping facility and a beach area that is a popular attraction in the summer for residents and tourists alike. Årosskogen is the main residential neighborhood in the village.

Ziegler goes to hide out with his brother David, who lives as a beach bum and shark hunter on the coast outside of Cancún. David lives with his friend and business partner Paco and has a seagoing neighbor, a man-eating shark named Cyclops.

Zhunan was traditionally a beach and fishing community, and is closely associated with the sea goddess Matsu. Zhunan’s main tourist attraction is its largest Matsu Temple. The temple has a statue of the deity that is over 100 feet tall.

Zavora is a beach, north east of Maputo in Mozambique, in the district of Inharrime, province of Inhambane. It is located 420 km north east of Maputo, the capital of Mozambique, and 27 km east from the town of Inharrime. The capital of the province, the city of Inhambane, is approximately 2 hours drive away towards the North East.

Zaiter was also a professional diver and swimmer, until she suffered a life-threatening accident in the 1970s, when she hit her head against a rock during a dive at a beach in Fajardo, Puerto Rico. The accident left her paralyzed and since then she has used a wheelchair. In 1976, she won the local OTI Festival as a composer.

Yyteri (Ytterö) is a district and a beach in the city of Pori, Finland. It is located about 17 km from the centre, bordering the Baltic sea. Yyteri is not an urban district, instead it is mostly like a holiday resort.

Yuigahama (由比ヶ浜海岸) is a beach near Kamakura, a city in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. The relation between the beach and its neighboring areas is complex. Although Yuigahama is legally the entire 3.2 km beach that goes from Inamuragasaki,…

You’ve Been Trumped is a 2011 documentary by British filmmaker Anthony Baxter. The film documents the construction of a luxury golf course on a beach in Balmedie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, by developer Donald Trump, and the subsequent struggles between the locals and Donald Trump and Scottish legal and governmental authorities.

Yeşilöz is a beach resort village located in Turkey, part of the seaside resort of Alanya on the south Mediterranean coast, in Antalya Province. Yeşilöz has a large sandy beach that stretches for about 3 km. There are several small shops, a variety of restaurants, a barber, 2 hotels and some of Turkey’s most exclusive private Villas.

… trick to try to win and Yellow Jacket generally not trying to stop him, letting fate or karma prevent Black Jacket from winning. The show is always set at a beach and at a minuscule level. Sometimes a human will, in stop motion form, enter…

Yamashita performed on a burning piano in 1973 when asked by Japanese graphic designer Kiyoshi Awazu to be the subject in his short film, burning piano. Thirty-five years later, clothed in a protective firefighter’s uniform, Yamashita repeated the performance on a beach in western Japan, playing jazz improvisations on a piano which had been set alight.

Yamada is a beach soccer player, and played for Canada at the 2006 CONCACAF Beach Soccer Championship and the 2006 FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup.

Belgian graphic novel series XIII, the protagonist Jason Fly (XIII) is a confused and amnesic man who searches for his identity throughout a comic book-style, cel-shaded world. Found stranded on a beach by a lifeguard, Fly is accused of…

… greenhouse, a farmer’s market, a beach volleyball court, a theatre, a dog run, and office space for many local community groups. The site is a total of 5,574 square metres (60,000 square feet).

Wu Kai Sha is famous for a campsite, Wu Kai Sha Youth Village of YMCA. There is also a beach near the Wu Kai Sha Youth Village.

… residents. By making use of clay and minerals found on the island at a beach near Avalon, in 1927 William Wrigley Jr. created the Pebbly Beach quarry and tile plant. Along with creating jobs for Avalon residents, the plant also supplied…

Woorim has a beach, a small shopping centre, and parklands adjoining the beach. Woorim is the location of the Bribie Island Research Centre, an aquaculture research facility.Erosion of the beach at Woorim is an ongoing issue with long term…

Within HFCA there are four lakes, each contains a beach areas with bathhouses. Boat racks are available for rent to members at 5 different locations. There are two outdoor swimming pools with bathhouses, ten tennis courts (excluding those…

… arrives at a beach surrounded by cliffs to find Ahmadi dead and half buried in the sand with the remainder of his troops shooting at a huge three-wheeled Q-Stein tank with a fire bomb launcher, an ice cannon, and two main guns; this is the…

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