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Yogi Rock is a rock on Mars that was discovered during the Mars Pathfinder mission in 1997, and named by Geoffrey A. Landis. The rocks found on the mission were named after famous icons and figures, and Yogi Rock was thought to resemble the head of a bear looking away from the spacecraft. As a result, it was named for the famed cartoon character Yogi Bear.

… travels through the bore and down range. Cut shells have the advantage of expedience. They can be handmade on the spot as the need arises while on a hunt for small game if a larger game animal such as a deer or a bear appears. In terms of safety,…

… trafficking, following several complaints in 2001 where a tiger on-site had escaped its enclosure and mauled a child and a bear had escaped before being spotted at a neighboring house’s porch. Records indicate that BEARCAT Hollow had previously sold a lion cub to Yates, but Yates found another home for the lion, prior to his mauling by Ming.

… lizard, arachnid and roars like a bear. A chimera can also be found in the continent of Noctilum after the final chapter has been completed having escaped the Lifehold and is a Tyrant.

WorldCat reports that Oxenbury’s works most widely held in participating libraries are three of her Greenaway Medal runners up, all written by other authors: We’re Going on a Bear Hunt (1989), Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig (1993), and Farmer Duck (1991).

… showers ended, Krazy went to lie on a pile of sand, burying part of himself in the dirt. But it appears there was a bear under the pile which rises, rambles, and unknowingly carries him for a few paces. Surprised by this, Krazy jumps off and goes on walking.

Without directly mentioning opponent Walter Mondale, defense spending, or the Soviet Union (traditionally symbolized by a bear), the ad suggested that Reagan was better prepared to recognize and deal with threats to global stability.

… the chujok was the ancient Korean-Manchurian Kingdom of the Buyeo (부여; 夫餘), which, by Shin’s estimate, began 5,000 years ago with the birth of Dangun, the legendary son of a bear who was transformed into a human by the god Whanin. By…

… with the club. The first step was to come up with a name. The name Werribee Bears was chosen because a Bear represents Strength which represents the strength as an individual, as a team and as a club.

… although Norths fortunes improved, they still hovered around the middle of the ladder during Tim’s short time as a Bear from 1972 to 1974.

Wishing to remain a virgin Polyphonte fled to the mountains to become a companion of Artemis. This provoked the ire of Aphrodite, the goddess of love and procreation, who viewed Polyphonte’s decision as a personal affront. To punish Polyphonte for failing to honor her womanly duty, Aphrodite drove her mad and caused her to lust after a bear.

… metamorphosed into ‘Winston’ – a bear – who became the charity mascot. Therefore, the charity believes it is…

… famous series of books for him entitled Winnie-the-Pooh. A 2004 film A Bear Named Winnie is based on the story of Winnie the bear, with Michael Fassbender playing Harry Colebourn.

… verse, is about a baby being taken from his bassinet and into the forest by a bear. Tom Wolfe cites the book as the one which first made him wish to be a writer.

Wildlife species include black bear, black-tailed deer, mountain lion, coyote, and bobcat. Bears are common in the wilderness, so use a bear bag or bear canister.

… own The Further Adventures of Hedda Gabler in a production by New York company Exit, Pursued by a Bear, with Billy Porter playing the co-leading role of Mammy. Both roles had been created for and played by women until this production.

… his cuckoo clock. However, it soon becomes apparent that King Huge is insane; he demands that Finn remain and watch every time the clock chimes the hour. Meanwhile, Jake lands on the barge of a bear named Seven. According to Seven, the barge has been falling for years, and he warns Jake not to try and escape, lest he die.

… girls discover the beaver dam. When Jenn swims closer to see a beaver, they are surprised by a bear. Smyth, a local hunter, scares off the bear and admonishes the girls to stay away from the beavers and dress more appropriately.

While the scientists had some control over where they stopped to explore, Harriman retained the final judgment. He was anxious to hunt a bear, and he decided to head toward Kodiak Island when he heard that there were bears there.

… its mascot is a bear (Baldwin Bears). Tupper is represented by orange and green, and its mascot is a tiger (Tupper Tigers). In the past, Frontenac was represented by pink and black, but in recent years the colours have changed to red and…

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