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…Öztürk speaks Dutch, Turkish and English. Öztürk was so popular with Hearts supporters that they named a beer after him.

Zozu is an alcoholic beverage similar to a beer and locally made by the Zomi (the Zo people), in northwestern Myanmar (Chin State, Myanmar). This fermented alcohol is usually made with maize, rice or other grains that are available.

… guitar. Since 1979, the band started to perform under the name Zana. The band’s debut album, Loše vesti uz rege za pivsku flašu (“Bad News Accompanied by Reggae for a Beer Bottle”), released in 1981, brought them nationwide popularity. The…

You can also convert a top opening chest freezer into a beer dispenser with the use of a thermostat control unit. This setup is known as a keezer. The advantage of a keezer is that you are assured it will get cold enough to dispense beer…

Ygo (Y’golonac) is a large, bluish, humanoid creature with no head, a beer gut, and a mouth on each hand. He appears to have a hearty but weird sense of humor which no one can understand. Like Shubby, he, too, has not yet been summoned, but unlike Shubby, he is one of the few GOOs whose cult hasn’t even been seen yet.

Within the Union are rooms and artworks reflecting the local heritage. The largest is Der Rathskeller, a German-style beerhall with elaborate murals, where political debates and card or board games are common among students over a beer. The…

… album-oriented stadium rock. He famously quit the band in 1975 by pouring a beer over Glenn Frey’s head. He later cited a need to get healthy and break the vicious cycle of touring, recording and heavy drug use that was rampant within the band.

… shoots a beer glass full of beer dropped from Harvey Maxwell’s (Allyn Joslyn) hand at 20 feet, hitting it almost immediately after it left the man’s hand.

Society. A beer parlour formerly existed below the ground floor, which included areaways extending underneath the above sidewalks. To prevent a cave-in from the weight of pedestrians and above ground traffic, the City of Vancouver filled…

With a beer barrel for a torso and tap for his nose, the Beer Barrel Man embodied the whimsical spirit of the minor leagues in the early to mid-twentieth century.

… nemesis, even sharing a beer with him and turning heel for the first time since 1997. This decision has been highly criticised by many, including Austin himself, as Austin was such a top-level face that many agreed it made no sense to turn him heel.

With Santa frozen in ice, Bender takes over, and toy-making resumes in Jolly Junction. Bender heads to New New York, where he gets a less than welcome reception from citizens expecting Santa. While taking a beer break, Bender is arrested…

… hand, the Black Widows protect their investment by beating up the Mafia men. After a long fight, Philo knocks Wilson out long enough to qualify for a win. Wilson helps Philo to the hospital to have his arm looked at, and the fighters and their friends have a beer at a bar.

Akron group. Wilson spent a month working with Smith, and Smith became the first alcoholic Wilson brought to sobriety. Smith’s last drink was on June 10, 1935 (a beer to steady his hand for surgery), and this is considered by members to be the founding date of AA.

… less than four years of major league experience. Gossage and Nettles, in particular, would stay after games and talk baseball and have a beer with the youngsters. Additionally, Templeton befriended Wiggins, helping his transition from the outfield to second base.

… was attacked, suffering a broken leg and torn original costume, leaving him hospitalized. He returned the next year to Philadelphia but after a woman threw a beer in his face, it was his last time.

… eating places and a beer garden.The casino put on vaudeville, musical comedies and stock company productions.Williams also opened Zip’s Casino, a beer hall in Manhattan’s Lower East Side.In March 1902 the Brooklyn Rapid Transit Company offered…

William Jones (1809-1873) was a political Radical and Chartist, who was a former actor, working as a watchmaker at Pontypool in Monmouthshire and also kept a beer house.

… a piece of paper that says ‘Bride’ on it. When Theresa finds a gun in the garage, she threatens to kill Dodger because he tried to get evidence on her as he believed she killed Texas but Will soon stops her. The day after, Theresa throws Dodger’s clothes into a bin and sets them on fire but Jim throws a beer over it.

While working in San Diego, the location director for Paramount Studios visited Kansas City Barbeque for a beer. He liked the atmosphere and brought the bar to the attention of film director Tony Scott. Scott asked the owners to shut the establishment down for a day in order use the bar for shooting.

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