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…Štěpánek turned professional in 1996. He started on tour as a doubles specialist, winning 12 ATP titles. Since 2002, Štěpánek has focused on being a better singles player while still playing top-level doubles. He is known for his after-the-shot grunting, his over-the-top celebrations and his many relationships with WTA players.

…Şarkışla has all the characteristics of Central Anatolian climate in all seasons. The weather is mostly sunny and dry, and the clouds are high. In the summer time, it is a better place to live in and in the winter it is very cold here.

… gotten could have bought a better farm elsewhere; he is, rather, acting from inertia and from a principle inculcated in him by his father and grandfather: that when a peasant loses his hereditary plot, he faces the greatest of misfortunes — becoming a mere wage-earner.

Oedipus at Colonus by Sophocles. The premiere, intended to inaugurate the new theatre at Versailles, was not a success, possibly due to the quality of the performances, the staging or the acoustics. Marie Antoinette promised Sacchini a

…Đurišić received the eighty-fifth position on the Democratic Party’s Choice for a Better Life coalition in the 2012 Serbian parliamentary election. The list won sixty-seven mandates; in accordance with a 2011 electoral reform mandating…

…Čomić was given the fifteenth position on the Democratic Party’s Choice for a Better Life coalition list in the 2012 election and was re-elected when the list won sixty-seventh mandates. This election was won by the Serbian Progressive…

… out to be the last win for a while. After a terrible spring ÖSK was for a while struggling against relegation. A better autumn secured a fifth spot, but ÖSK were nowhere near promotion. 2006 started off with impressive wins, but the club lost…

…Ángel Fernández de los Ríos in 1868 proposed the creation of a large wooded area that would travel all around the Plaza de Oriente, in order to give a better view of the Royal Palace. A decade later Segundo de Lema added a staircase to the…

Zénobe Gramme reinvented Pacinotti’s design in 1871 when designing the first commercial power plants operated in Paris. An advantage of Gramme’s design was a better path for the magnetic flux, by filling the space occupied by the magnetic…

Zvejnieks plays golf during summer time at GC Viesturi in Latvia. In May 2012, he started in the Ski & Golf World Championships in Zell am See, Austria, with the 4th best time in skiing. As a better skier than golf player, he finished in 15th place overall in the men’s professional group.

Zusmanas Gurvicius was born on January 5, 1927 in Jieznas, Lithuania to Jacob Gurvich and Jaie Galperas, Lithuanian Jews. In 1931 his father Jacob, seeking freedom from religious persecution and a better future for his family, emigrated to…

Foundation, New Orleans Business Council, Brees Quarterback Club, Lafayette Civic Cup, Lafayette Parish Communication District, Lafayette Chamber of Commerce, Louisiana Hospital Association, Acadiana Safety Association, 232-HELP, Council for a

Zorig Foundation’s Community Development programs aim to assist low-income and vulnerable groups in Mongolia. Their projects mainly focus on empowering the urban poor of Ulaanbaatar. Projects range from improving access to social services to helping create a better sense of community for residents.

Zmax should (depending on equipment, phone lines, implementation, etc.) allow about 97.5 percent efficiency at 2400 baud on a 30K file compared to Zmodem’s 95 percent. Unlike Zmodem, Zmax reaches full speed on considerably smaller files. In fact, due to less overhead associated with small files, it achieves a better efficiency rating.

… line-up but Zizzari only able to play 11 starts, a reverse compared to 2006-07 season. However Zizzari had a better goal scoring record of 3 goals, 1 goal lesser than Sansovini. That season Massimo Ganci was the team goalscorer of 8 goals. He…

… as New Zealand amassed 406 runs on the second day. Graeme Cremer, the leg spinner, bowled 24 overs for 111 runs, to illustrate the Zimbabweans’ predicament. Test debutant Keith Dabengwa got two for 87, however, suggesting that he might be a better choice than Cremer for the spinner place in the Zimbabwean team.

… she could make a better living as an athlete. By 2011 she was able to become a professional after taking medals at the national paragames. She did not compete a lot in international events until just before the 2012 Paralympics where she took two gold medals in Croatia at 100 and 200 metres.

Zhibek died on 16 July 2017, after the rare cancer disease Myxoid chondrosarcoma. It is known to be rare cancer that affects the bones and joints. She was living in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan but was sent by her family to Turkey, for getting a

Zhang Yameng as Consort Qi, the birth mother of the third prince. She is forced to commit suicide by the Empress, to ensure a better future for her child.

Zhang Lipeng said that he trained with Hailin Ao in the past and he feels that the coach really wants to see him defeated. He also reflected on how many mistakes he made in his career when he was younger and that now he has a better record and technique.

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