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…Žerajić’s assassination attempt was a big encouragement to Gavrilo Princip. Princip visited Žerajić’s grave where he promised to take a revenge, which he did by killing Archduke Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo on 28 June 1914.

…Ōishi was born in Suginami-ku, Tokyo on 28 May 1944. Seeing Melanesian art while at Nihon University had a big effect on her, as did a visit to Vietnam and Cambodia in 1966. After graduating in photography, she became a freelance…

… construction. The time, materials and labor meant that an o-yoroi was a substantial investment for a samurai. It was a big boxy armor that was designed for use on horseback and was loose fitting. The boxy shape hindered the samurai from using the sword with the free, fluid motion vital in hand-to-hand combat, hence the use of yari.

… season, he made 5 appearances and scored 5 goals. His best season with Daugava was in 1975 when the club qualified for the first Soviet league, but in 1976 Ņesterenko was injured for a big part of the season. Ņesterenko tried to secure a…

…Ćavar has stated that Veselin Vujović was a big influence on him opting to playing handball.

…Ćavar has been a big influence to handball players such as Nikola Karabatić and Mohamed Mokrani.

… spends much of her time keeping him from causing too much trouble. She developed a huge crush on Naoya after he saved her from Rúrik’s molestation at a party without making a big scene or creating an incident. Her feelings were further inflamed…

…Østmarka hospital is located by the trail, Ladestien which lies 60 m from the hospital’s border. The southside borders to a big field and the northeast continues down to the sea. There is also housing on Østmarka. The locating is planned to get a combination of private zones for the patients and zones available for the public.

… heavy traffic accident on September 25, 1980. It was a big success. While his brother Turgut Ozal was running the presidency, politics was taken again after his death and he entered the Motherland Party and was elected a deputy in Istanbul in…

…Íris Stefanelli became a personality on the country. She received a big paycheck to pose naked for Playboy. She was contracted by RedeTV! to co-host celebrities show TV Fama. Her lucrative deal was highlighted by the media. Íris is still a host on the show after the huge buzz that ensued her participation on the house.

…Émilie Tesson-Hansen is an ambitious HR manager working in a big company. One of her team member commits suicide. An investigation about that event is in progress and she is suspected of workplace bullying.

…Álex, Gabi and Oki, three teenagers who live in a big city, are completely unknown for their parents, for their teachers and for themselves. Their emotional isolation, taken to the limit have unexpected and dire consequences that will shake the society.

Zurich assisted Coach Mitchell in leading the UC Santa Barbara Gauchos in the 2011-12 season to a 17-16 overall record (8-8 in Big West Conference play) with a 6th-place finish in conference play and a Big West Conference Tournament…

… again, and was elected by a big margin, becoming the youngest member of the ninth National Assembly of Bangladesh. In June 2017 he was nominated as Chairman of the Advisory Committee of International Association of Students in Economic and Commercial Sciences (AIESEC), Bangladesh chapter.

Zulu was a big hit at the box office and helped make a star of Michael Caine. Baker played the lead part of Lieutenant John Chard VC in what remains his best-remembered-role. Baker later owned Chard’s Victoria Cross and Zulu War Medal from…

Zozuma is the rank 4 attendant, a big black man who spends much of his time in Africa. He’s usually quite serious, but apparently has really strange hobbies and a terrible sense of humor.

… my laptop. The first film is the easiest to write because it’s usually what the person knows their personal graphs, milieu and feelings. Luck By Chance is not about established actors, but those who are waiting for things to happen. Farhan’s character is fresh off the boat, while Konkana’s does bit roles, looking for a big break.

… and Guadeloupe have calculatedly labeled compas as zouk in order to remain on the map (keeping in mind Compas was created in 1950 by Haitians); creating a big confusion in Africa, Cabo Verde, Angola, Bresil, Portugal and other places.

… argue the whole way, and part on bad terms. Later on Zoe’s parents have a big argument also, and hint to the fact that it was Jane’s fault that Dot is deaf.

… they’ve been sleeping together. However, the story takes a big turn when it is revealed the affair has only been a revenge towards his brother for Gonzalo. He confronts Ignacio admitting he remembers being raped by him when he was younger, therefore, Gonzalo is set on destroying his life.

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