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Yoho coauthored the Veterinary Medicine Mobility Act of 2014 (H.R. 1528; 113th Congress), a bill that would amend the Controlled Substances Act to clarify that veterinarians are not required to have separate registrations to dispense controlled substances outside of their principal place of business, such as when treating animals on a farm.

… chief rabbi, MKs David Rotem and Robert Ilatov led the party in the passing of a bill that formally legalized the conversions.

Yee sponsored a bill that would make it illegal for minors to possess water pipes.

With the series in jeopardy, State Senate Mike Woelfel (D) plans to introduce a bill that mandates the game continues to be played.

… (UMDNJ). NJMS served as one of five regional campuses that constitute the UMDNJ health science institution. On June 28, 2012 the New Jersey state legislature passed a bill that dissolved the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey…

With the city of Youngstown being majorly pro-labor, Hagan had been against a bill that looks to limit collective bargaining for public employees. While it was virtually inevitable that the bill will pass into law, Hagan vowed to lead an…

With Andrew Brenner, Celeste has sponsored a bill that aims to support children with dyslexia. His legislation sought to demonstrate and evaluate the effectiveness of early reading assistance programs for children with dyslexia and to evaluate whether those programs can reduce future special education costs.

Williamson is an outspoken MP who sometimes speaks up against his own government policies, such as C-30, a bill that ignited some controversy about online anonymity.

… neck and upper back, with thin white borders to the neck. Those flamebacks are also smaller (though this is only reliable in direct comparison), have a bill that is shorter than the head, and dark irises.

White marlin are mid-sized billfish with a bill that is round in cross section, and distinctly forked caudal fin. Their body structure is designed for fast swimming with a long streamline appearance. The length of K. albida is measured…

… support of Republicans in excising expenditures that were in excess of the departments’ needs. He proposed a bill that would end the practice, common at the time, of executive departments spending beyond what they had been appropriated, then…

bill that granted religious liberty to all residents of Virginia; passage of the bill ended persecution by citizens who associated with the Church of England upon followers of other faiths and countered an effort by some to establish the…

… when Top Rank announced a purchase price of $152.5 million. By early May, the Minnesota state legislature approved a bill that would use public funds to purchase the Target Center for $48 million. The purchase by the state was contingent on…

… consumption, but not if they are intended for ornamental or landscaping use. Tennessee proposed a bill that would have made illegal this and many other plants classified as hallucinogenic, but when the bill was passed only Salvia divinorum was banned.

While in the legislature, James introduced a bill that would strip the paternity rights of men convicted of rape that resulted in pregnancy. Under New Mexico law at the time, men convicted of rape could apply for custody of the children of the women they’d raped.

… in the Democratic Party. He fought to block a bill granting amnesty and restoring full political rights to impeached former Governor James Edward Ferguson, a bill that passed the legislature during the first administration of Ferguson’s…

When the Supreme Court ruled in 1923 that white primaries established by political parties were unconstitutional, in 1927 the Texas state legislature passed a bill that authorized political parties to establish their internal practices.

… pass a bill that addresses immigration problems. As for Obama’s executive plan, Flake said that he opposed it. Flake opposed using a government funding bill to stop Obama’s executive action, but Flake also said that he believed that both parties’ strategies would make it more difficult to pass immigration reform legislation.

… who was responsible for monitoring and enforcing water quality standards. Governor Lawton Chiles proposed a bill that determined which agencies would have that responsibility, and set deadlines for pollutant levels to decrease in water.

… wage for large businesses located in the District, preferring instead an across-the-board minimum wage increase as opposed to a bill that only targeted large retailers. Allen also did not access donations to his campaign from corporations.

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