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…Ōe’s parents report that his first response to a particular sound was when he was watching TV with his parents, and there was the sound of a bird singing, which he responded to. His parents were fascinated. They bought him a record with…

…Čovek nije tica (English title: Man Is Not a Bird) is a European art film made in 1965. It was the first film from director Dušan Makavejev.

…Ånnsjön is a Natura 2000 area, and is protected by the European Union Habitats Directive and Birds Directive.Ånnsjön boasts a rich bird life, and is visited by many bird watchers each year.There are signs, paths, a bird watching tower,…

… and blight in tomatoes. In 1981, additional uses for ziram were approved, including the prevention of leaf blight and scab on almonds, shot-hole in apricots, brown rot and leaf spot in cherries, and scab and anthracnose in pecans. Ziram also began to be used on residential ornaments as a bird and mammal repellent.

Zip the Bird: a bird cushion who has a birdseye view played by Ben Frost and voiced by Tim Harding.

… occasion, he observed a bird attacking a snake and was greatly inspired by the snake’s defensive tactics. It remained still and alert in the face of the bird’s onslaught until it made a lunge and fatally bit its attacker. This incident inspired him to create a set of 72 taijiquan movements. He is also associated with the Taoist monasteries in the Wudang Mountains.

Zamloch’s other noted tricks included: make a bird cage containing two birds vanish; making and serving hot coffee from a little baskets of colored bits of paper; and breaking eggs into a frying pan and making a fire in it, and upon uncovering the pan having a pair of doves fly out.

Young adults and juveniles occupy different residential units. Each residential unit is named after a bird. Units housing young offenders hold approximately 60 prisoners. Units housing juveniles hold 30 prisoners. Almost all the juvenile…

You have me hopping here and there, like a bird on a branch.

Yoko! Jakamoko! Toto! is an animated children’s television series, produced by Collingwood O’Hare and HIT Entertainment, which aired from 2003 to 2005 on CITV, and then aired on CBeebies from 2008. It is about a bird of Paradise, an…

Yobi becomes exposed to the hunter, which makes her leave. With the fox hunter set upon hunting her down, Geum-ee tries to save her, but falls down in a lake which makes Geum-ee’s soul trapped in a cage as a bird. Yobi tries to save him,…

… patients, it is a tranquil spot for visitors to get closer to nature. The 2.3 Hectares park features benches and a spiral tower that one can climb to the top for a bird eye view of the surrounding areas.

Yelahanka has several lakes surrounding it, adjoining: Old Yelahanka, Puttenhalli, Attur and Allalasandra. The lake at Puttenahalli (3 km up the SH 9) has been declared a bird sanctuary. Most of these are either dry or are in bad condition due to emptying of untreated sewerage effluents into them.

Yamatotakeru no mikoto was the son of Emperor Keiko. In the Nihonshoki, there is an old legend that says when he died, his spirit turned into a bird and flew away. He is famous for many other old legends.

Xargi, or Mangi, is the chief ruler of the underworld in Siberian mythology. Ancestor to the shamans and bear-brother of the creator god, he searches for the omi soul, which has taken a shadow form, or xanjan. Upon being found, it turns into a bird and is returned to Earth to enter another creature’s body.

Wright is seen at his best in his candlelit subjects of which the Three Persons Viewing the Gladiator by Candlelight (1765), his A Philosopher Lecturing on the Orrery (1766), in the Derby Museum and Art Gallery, and An Experiment on a Bird in…

Working out conservation strategies for some species of nightjar presents a particular challenge common to other hard-to-see families of birds; in a few cases, scientists do not have enough data on whether a bird is rare or not. This has…

… cats his servants. The egg soon hatches and the cats decide to name the newborn Lucky. Lucky lives with the cats believing to be a cat herself. Her belief soon disappears when YoYo, a red kitten jealous of Lucky because of all the attention and advantages she gets, tells her that she’s a bird and that her adoptive father wants to eat her.

Woodwalton Fen, Holme Fen and Darlows Farm are managed by Natural England, while the WTBCN manages the Countryside Centre for educational and community work, together with Corney’s Farm, New Decoy Farm, Old Decoy Farm, Engine Farm, Rymes Reedbeds (which has a bird hide), and Kesters Docking.

… ever recorded for a bird, 5 miles per hour (8 kilometers per hour), was recorded for this species. It is believed that woodcock orient visually using major physiographic features such as coastlines and broad river valleys. Both the autumn and spring migrations are leisurely compared with the swift, direct migrations of many passerine birds.

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