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… incurred by defensive mainstay Faruk Hadžibegić, thereby causing a bit of a surprise by having a debutante in the starting lineup of a competitive match. In fact Šabanadžović was one of three players to get a start on their debut that day…

Zarodnix tells Morbius he’s heard a rumour that Earth put up a bit of a fight. Morbius says it’s true and the humans were very tenacious…for a while at least. He says he’s brought back the Statue of Liberty as a trophy to put on top of the…

… find the treasure. He eventually becomes a trainee at Gateau along with Sarah. Loyal but a bit of a showoff and money lover.

… the phone detected that it was in a benchmark app, in order to boost benchmark scores. This came as a bit of a shock to much of the Android enthusiast community, as every major manufacturer had removed their benchmark cheating code following…

… with natural vegetation hard to find or not present at all. This makes Wörrstadt a bit of a peculiarity in Rhenish Hesse, as it has one of the region’s smallest wooded areas in the Neuborn. In these woods are found many natural springs whose water feeds the Verbandsgemeinde’s swimming pool. Flowing through Wörrstadt is the river Mühlbach.

Words and phrases expressing some unspecified or probably quite small amount: a few/a little (learners often confuse these with few/little), several, a couple of, a bit of, a number of etc.

International (then known as the Miss Asia Pacific Quest). The pageant name was a bit of a misnomer back then as Miss Asia Pageant was actually named to match the name of organizer Asia Television Limited, and it was solely intended for local Hong Kong residents to enter.

With a bit of a coaching CV now behind him, Maljković was approached in early 1983 by Crvena zvezda about joining their coaching staff as assistant to legendary coach Ranko Žeravica in addition to an offer of simultaneously leading the…

With Ringo being accepted to nursing school, Chiaki offers to take her under her wing, and the two begin living together in her apartment.Ordinarily she’s a flawless model of a woman, but at home, she has surprisingly little concern for herself; in some ways, she’s a bit of a wreck.

With Mr Humphries forced by circumstance to share a bed with Mavis, he finds that she develops a bit of a crush on him. This series of events leads all of the cast to assume they are having an affair, which flatters Mr Humphries, though he denies any such goings-on.

… their next two matches with relative ease defeating the teams of Andrea Hlaváčková and Lucie Hradecká, and Maria Kirilenko and Agnieszka Radwańska. In the semifinals, they had a bit of a struggle against Liezel Huber and Anabel Medina Garrigues…

Will is a bit of a daredevil. He lives for the moment and occasionally acts before he thinks. His pride and joy is his Go Speeder but he also loves football. Will is voiced by Teresa Gallagher.

Wilf is the local policeman who feels a genuine sense of duty, bringing him into conflict with some of his colleagues. He’s a bit of a gambler and risk taker, and enjoys the adventure and uncertainty of his job. He loathes paperwork, loves his wife and despises his brother-in-law. Wilf also likes to fish the local waters around the island of St. Gregory.

Why the battle took place is a bit of a mystery. The students provided the moral backbone to the defence; their decision to fight was probably because they could not face the dishonour of simply retreating. They therefore fought for their…

… will monopolize his love and attention since he’s a bit of a cat-lover. They throw the cat out but he finds his way back in through a cellar window, attempting to escape a thunderstorm, and explores more of the house. Then, he hides behind…

… these factories when the funds could have been more profitably invested in the banks or trade could have been social: it seems to have a bit of a Florentine tradition to run such factories to provide employment for the poor – a social obligation, as it were.

Allison (Madison Goeres) The couple appears to be going through a bit of a rough patch, but still seem to love each other. Sandra is able to convince her husband to watch their daughter while she’s away. Bruce is skeptical of the whole situation and worried about Sandra’s well-being.

While deciding where to go, Spiller tells them that they might go to Little Fordham which is actually a replica village. The place has been a bit of a legend with all Borrowers: a whole village made for Borrower size residents with plenty of food from the visiting big people.

… include Laurence Olivier, Leslie Howard, Robert Donat, David Niven and James Mason. Britons in general added much more realism to the type, while Mason represented a bit of a ‘sadistic’ derivative. Massimo Girotti was Italian version.

bit of a chase, Maddie’s feet begin to hurt. She takes off the shoes and returns to her usual personality. Panicking when she sees the gun in her hand, she suddenly drops the gun, dumps the shoes in a garbage can and runs off in her stocking feet.

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