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… the bay is one of New Zealand’s favourite attractions. The Royal Akarana Yacht Club is located in the west-corner of the bay. The bay has a boat ramp, a jetty, picnic facilities and toilets.

… be the only survivor of the events of the third film. He meets up with his partner, Lucas. Ángela attempts to escape the lab, and runs into Guzman. Both discover they are on a boat. Doctor Ricarte and the soldiers tell them that the situation is under control as Ángela’s blood returned clear of any infection.

Zwart studied at the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague in 1918 and 1919. Until 1926 he worked also as a graphic designer. Zwart travelled in the 1920s with a car and later with a boat though the Netherlands to paint the traditional life and landscape of the county.

Men in a Boat (1956). After the Ball (1957) was a biopic of Vesta Tilley, in which Harvey played Walter de Frece. The Truth About Women (1958) was a comedy.

Zhu was sentenced to slow slicing, the punishment for treason, but committed suicide on 13 January 1521. The officials and eunuchs who had conspired with Zhu were also sentenced to death. Two years after the revolt, Zhengde died of an illness in 1521 caught after, according to legend, falling off a boat while drunk on a fishing trip.

Zhang Shun goes to find An Daoquan to cure Song Jiang of a tumour on his back. He unknowingly boards a boat operated by the pirate Zhang Wang, who catches him off guard, robs him and ties him up and throws him overboard. Zhang Shun manages…

… chü-fei lu (Travels on Board a Boat) is his literary monument. Yuan’s precarious physical and psychological condition provided the background for his preoccupation with longevity and stress avoidance. He avoided a Buddhistic vegetarian diet,…

… blankets. The services of the lightermen had suddenly become extremely expensive, and only the luckiest refugees secured a place in a boat.

… coast in a boat and taken in by the lighthouse keeper. It is however never made clear whether Taxandria really exists or if the viewer only sees what the lighthouse keeper relates to prince Jan, although once Jan is transported to Taxandria simply by looking into the lighthouse’s rotating light while the keeper is away.

Young Tom Lingard is the owner and captain of a sailing ship, the Lightning which lies becalmed at night, somewhere in the Malayan archipelago. With his chief mate Shaw he discusses the problems that women can cause. Suddenly they are approached by a search party in a boat seeking help for a yacht which has become stranded on mudflats on a nearby island.

Young Ellen decides to take a boat journey to Svalbard in northern Norway. She ends up wandering in Spitsbergen, where she spends winter in a cabin on a fjord surrounded by glaciers. She shares a cabin with a Norwegian trapper named Lars as she tries to adapt to the perilous climate and face dangers such as fighting polar bears.

… and ‘bua’ alim’ (wild mango) when you take a boat ride from Plieran bridge at Long Ampan Aing, Long Bora, Long Taa, Ka Laeh to Lidung Jelo (upstream). All these crops were planted by the Kenyah Badeng people in 1820’s-1900’s the Penan in Plieran acknowledged that.

You have to go in a boat or Theppa from Hampi to visit Nava Brindavana. It is located east of Anegundi, which was the earlier capital of the Vijayanagar dynasty before it was shifted to Hampi.

You can watch the whales in Hermanus from the cliff tops, from a boat or the air. Boat-based whale watching tours are available out of the Hermanus New harbour which allows the public to view southern right whales from June till Mid…

You can walk or take a boat (only during high tide) to Teluk Duyung. You can reach Teluk Duyung about one and half hours from Teluk Bahang by using trail 1A-1B-1C-1D. Teluk Duyung is a beautiful bay protected by the Muka Head’s cape.

You Must Build a Boat is a hybrid puzzle-role-playing game developed by Luca Redwood under the developer name EightyEight Games LTD. It is a sequel to Redwood’s previous game, 10000000, and was released for Microsoft Windows, OS X, Android and iOS devices on 4 June 2015.

Yokota was abducted on November 15, 1977 at the age of thirteen while walking home from school in her seaside village in Niigata Prefecture. North Korean agents reportedly dragged her into a boat and took her straight to North Korea to a…

Yogaraj Bhat was born on 8 October 1973, in Tiluvalli, in the Haveri district of the erstwhile Karnataka. He was the youngest of Ramachandra and Jayalakshmi Bhat’s seven children. He lost his father to a boat mishap.

Yewbarrow is a fell in the English Lake District which lies immediately north of the head of Wast Water. It is 628 metres high and in shape resembles the upturned hull of a boat or a barrow. Yewbarrow is on the left in the classic view of Great Gable and Wast Water.

… with a boat not necessary for their capture. Yellowfin whiting are actually most commonly targeted from beaches, estuaries and jetties constructed over shallow waters, with good catches often made on the ingoing and outgoing period of the…

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