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… developed a boil in, to use his own words, ‘a place which caused me to take a pillow, cut a hole in it, and sit very carefully (!)’ Unable to take part in the shipboard entertainment he started to write. From this came his first missionary book,…

… brought it to a boil, then hermetically sealed in a terracotta vase and fermented it for several days. Called l’acquarello or l’acqua pazza, the result was a water barely colored with wine, which the fisherman may have been reminded of when seeing the broth of the dish, colored slightly red by the tomatoes and oil.

While contestants do not know the ingredients ahead of time, they are given a tour of the kitchen prior to taping. Some preliminary tasks, such as preheating ovens and bringing water to a boil, are done in advance of each round.

… callow, aimless and hypocritical. These frustrations come to a boil during a Spring Festival dinner at Bella’s grandparents’ home and leave Daniel to question his idealistic outlook as well as his own qualifications for teaching abroad.

… should be brought slowly to a boil and then simmered in a covered pot on a very low flame for one to three hours, adding water if necessary. A clearer broth is achieved by skimming the drops of fat off the top of the soup as it is cooking,…

Water is brought to a boil in the larger lower kettle and then some of the water is used to fill the smaller kettle on top and steep several spoons of loose tea leaves, producing a very strong tea. When served, the remaining water is used to…

Tucupi is very common in the cuisine of Brazilians of the Amazon region. Pato no tucupi (“duck in tucupi”) is a much appreciated dish: a duck which has been previously roasted, and then shredded, is brought to a boil in a sauce of tucupi and jambu (Acmella oleracea).

… with some oil until it is caramelized. Then, ground paprika is added and the kettle is filled with water. When the water comes to a boil, other spices (such as black pepper, white wine, tomato juice) are added, and finally the fish, chopped…

To prepare a natural jus, the cook may simply skim off the fat from the juices left after cooking and bring the remaining meat stock and water to a boil. Jus can be frozen for six months or longer, but the flavor may suffer after this time.

To make the tea, water and tea (about 1 to 3 teaspoons of tea a cup, depending how strong the drinker likes) are brought to a boil then simmered for about 3-6 minutes. The tea is usually put in a sackcloth bag before the water is added to…

To make the drink, milk was heated to a boil, then mixed with wine or ale, which curdled it, and the mixture was usually spiced with nutmeg and cinnamon.

… from pink to purple. Left untreated, the lesion becomes larger and look similar to a boil and more lesions will appear, until a chronic ulcer develops.

They frequently mutinied, especially after victories, and during such actions they often pillaged nearby towns. This eventually brought disaffection with the Brussels government to a boil in the summer of 1576.

… advantages over cooking over a campfire. Since most camping stoves have an adjustable heat source, they can be much easier to use than a campfire. The ability to quickly adjust the flame to reduce your pot from a boil to a simmer, for example,…

Carrie in his blood for protection and they fly in a stolen helicopter back to Fort Lambert so they can kill the organism. Inside, Carrie finds a boil on the vines with Glen’s body inside and accidentally bursts it, washing off the blood.

… falls in love with Annagh (Victoria Smurfit), a beautiful, red-haired northerner, and their relationship, which becomes sexual, brings Danny’s conflict with his headstrong father to a boil.

The story revolves around four characters: Dr. Aziz, his British friend Mr. Cyril Fielding, Mrs. Moore, and Miss Adela Quested. During a trip to the Marabar Caves (modeled on the Barabar Caves of Bihar), Adela thinks she finds herself alone with Dr. Aziz in one of the caves (when in fact he is in an entirely different cave), and subsequently panics and flees; it is assumed that Dr. Aziz has attempted to assault her. Aziz’s trial, and its run-up and aftermath, bring to a boil the common racial tensions and prejudices between Indians and the British who rule India.

The story is told from the close third-person point of view of Julian, a recent college graduate and self-styled intellectual who lives with his mother because he cannot afford his own lodgings with the pittance he earns as a typewriter salesman. The mother, whose worldview reflects the institutional racism of the mid-twentieth century American South, wishes to attend an exercise session at a nearby community center, but is wary of riding the bus by herself in light of the recent racial integration of the city’s public transportation system. Though he despises his mother’s racism, cheeriness, and intellectual aloofness, Julian resentfully agrees to escort her, if only out of a sense of duty to the woman who paid his way through college and continues to support him even afterward. His confrontational bitterness and her thoughtless prejudice bring the circumstances to a boil when they step onto the bus and join a widely disparate cast of characters, among them two black people who inhabit vastly different regions of the social spectrum.

The storm caused a failure at a water treatment plant near Donna, Texas, prompting officials to issue a boil water advisory.

… neglect strained the racial relationships. According to official reports, the turmoil came to a boil after the death of an African American youth who had accidentally drifted into a swimming area at an informally segregated beach. Tensions between groups arose in a melee that blew up into days of unrest.

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