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Story of Milan Mladenović, 1999), and a book about whiskey entitled Vatra iz vode (Fire from Water, 2003). He also wrote a pull-out book Electrodeo: Almanah nove američke muzike (Electrodeo – The Almanac of New American Music) published by magazine NON.

… of his decision to become a disciple of Neo-confucianism. At the age of 24 he read a book about the morals and precepts of chinese philosopher Lü Kun (1536-1618) and he then became inspired by Lü Kun’s master: Wang Yangming. From that moment on, Ōshio began his lifelong study aimed at the teachings of Wang and his students.

Mehmet Elkatmış and Fikri Sağlar had also voiced suspicions. Yeni Şafak reported that a week before his death İncetahtacı had gained access to new documents on the relationship between businessman Erol Evcil and certain civil servants. His family said he had been writing a book about Susurluk.

Isberg hade changed clubs to IFK Östersund. Bolinder became Swedish champion twice in high jump. In 2015 a book about Åsarna IK will appear.

Zona: A Book About a Film About a Journey to a Room is a 2012 book by Geoff Dyer.

Zinoviev was sent to the Frunze Military Academy but managed to finish only one course. While at the academy, he wrote a book about his experiences in the Winter War, which was published by Voenizdat in 1941. With the outbreak of war with…

Zhuang and Sasaki lived together for 26 years. Zhuang wrote a book about their story, entitled Deng Xiaoping approved our marriage. Zhuang opened an international table tennis club in Beijing. He visited the United States in 2007, speaking at USC and other universities about his role in fostering better relations between China and the United States.

Zephyr Noble appears in the second volume of The Pact, a book about a team of superhero teens of which she is a member.

… among them Ber Mark, who later wrote a book about the Uprising. Nonetheless, Iwański returned to the ghetto at least once more, bringing another set of ammunition and supplies. This was one of several actions of the Polish resistance providing assistance to the Jews in the ghetto.

Zakim published several articles about the Middle East, Black-Jewish and Catholic-Jewish relations, anti-Semitism, violence and hate crimes. He wrote a Brandeis University publication about coalition building and Lift Up Your Voice, a book about race and religious relations released in 1998. He co-authored with Janice Ditchek Confronting Anti-Semitism: A Practical Guide.

… regards Zainon as their enemy.Sadden by the act of his comrades, Zainon Ismail wrote a book about the struggles of the widows and orphans of the Memali incident. He used the name C.N. Afghani as his pen name and wrote the truth about PAS…

Vengerova, historian Semyon Vengerov, and Zinaida Vengerova, a noted translator and specialist on English and French literature. Her maternal grandmother, Pauline (née Epstien) Vengeroff, had written a book about Jewish family life, Rememberings, in 1913, noted for being an early work giving a woman’s perspective.

… baptism, confirmation, marriage and unction of the sick multiple times. He wrote a book about the Coptic Church in Spanish and published the Coptic Spanish Liturgy Book. With the guidance of Pope Shenouda III, the help of Fr. Michael Edward, priest of St. Mark Church in Cleveland, and the determination of Youssef, the service continued to grow.

December 1972, with the intention of later writing a book about the disappearance of Flynn and Stone. He had met and worked with them in Vietnam covering the war, and they went missing after Young had left.

York was the master of ceremonies for the induction ceremonies for the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame for more than a quarter century, and was himself inducted into ASHOF in 1996. He wrote a book about the ASHOF in 2001.

Washington, D.C. According to former follower Robert J. Rohan, who later wrote a book about the movement, York moved in order to avoid criminal investigations and other charges in New York.

Yndurain also wrote books on science for a broader audience. In 1997 he published a book discussing UFOs theories, Quién anda ahí?, which won the Golondriz award for smart humor in 1998. In 2002 he published a book about the structure of…

Yildalina Tatem Brache conceived the idea to make a project that illustrated the lives of women that have made substantial changes in Dominican history. In 2006 she started researching and picking 12 women, to write a book about them. When…

Yevgeny Yasin, ex-Minister of Economics wrote in his article in a book about Russian economic reforms that Jochen Wermuth, head of the Economic Expert Group under the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation, was the first to warn of a potential default of the Russian Government in a memo in the fall of 1996 which he forwarded to Chernomyrdin.

Stanley, Hucklebury, as it was easier to say, and Mark Twain enjoyed word-play with friends’ names. Waxing intimate, he told Stanley that one day he would write a book about his English friend, and it is believed that the character of…

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