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… the title Introduction to the Art of Logic, in fact neither Ibn Ṭumlūs nor his copyist gave a title to the work. The text covers all the parts of Aristotle’s Organon, including a Book of Rhetoric and Book of Poetics. Indeed, his advocacy of…

Story of Milan Mladenović, 1999), and a book about whiskey entitled Vatra iz vode (Fire from Water, 2003). He also wrote a pull-out book Electrodeo: Almanah nove američke muzike (Electrodeo – The Almanac of New American Music) published by magazine NON.

… bozhiya grada Yerusalima), a book written by Simeon Simonović. Žefarović’s name is also associated with two textbooks — a primer and a grammar book, as well as numerous copper gravures of renowned personalities from Vojvodina.

…Ţunţuni’r Boi (টুনটুনির বই) is a book by Upendrakishore Raychowdhury published in 1911.

…Škerjanc was also a music critic and writer about music and is the author of three monographs on Slovene composers, five pedagogical handbooks and a book Od Bacha do Šostakoviča literally meaning From Bach to Shostakovich.

…Şamil Tayyar (born 1 January 1965 in Gaziantep) is a Turkish journalist, author, and deputy for the Justice and Development Party (AKP) since 2011. He is a columnist with the daily Star and has contributed to Yeni Şafak, Milliyet and Sabah. He has published a book on the Ergenekon trials, Operation Ergenekon.

… of his decision to become a disciple of Neo-confucianism. At the age of 24 he read a book about the morals and precepts of chinese philosopher Lü Kun (1536-1618) and he then became inspired by Lü Kun’s master: Wang Yangming. From that moment on, Ōshio began his lifelong study aimed at the teachings of Wang and his students.

…Łukaszewicz authored a large number of works on geology, most of them published in Russian language. He also authored memoirs on the assassination attempt he took part in, first published in a white émigré journal Byloye and then in a book form in 1920.

Mehmet Elkatmış and Fikri Sağlar had also voiced suspicions. Yeni Şafak reported that a week before his death İncetahtacı had gained access to new documents on the relationship between businessman Erol Evcil and certain civil servants. His family said he had been writing a book about Susurluk.

… priest in Tarsus. He later broke with the Christian missionary world, gaining wide media coverage for his claims that missionaries were supporting separatist movements, and in 2005 published a book, Ben Bir Misyonerdim, Şifre Çözüldü (“I was a…

…Čáp graduated from the Czech Technical University in Prague. In 1958, he published a book on figure skating, Výklad pravidel krasobruslení. In 1959, he was arrested for alleged spying and sentenced to five years in prison. He was released…

All three original versions were published as a book, with a commentary and analysis, in 1931 by Bohuslav František Horák (1881-1960), a historical geography professor from the Brno University.

…Über die Abkunft der Slawen nach Lorenz Surowiecki (1828, Buda) On the origin of the Slavs according to Lorenz Surowiecki – aimed to be a reaction the Surowiecki’s text, the text developed into a book on the homeland of the Slavs and challenges modern theory that Slavs were newcomers to Europe in 5th and 6th century AD.

…Último Volume (Portuguese for Last Volume) is a book by Miguel Esteves Cardoso, published in 1991.

…Øygard grew up in Skjåk, the neighbouring municipality of Vågå. He was co-owner of a book store in Vågå and subsequently editor-in-chief of the local radio station Ottadalsradioen before entering full-time politics in 1995 when he was…

… financial ruin during his son’s youth. Veríssimo worked in a pharmacy before obtaining a job at Editora Globo, a book publisher, where he translated and released works of writers like Aldous Huxley. During the Second World War, he went to…

… relics of the saint were taken to Nantes in a solemn ceremony.That year the Abbé Cahour published a book named Notice historique et critique sur saint Emilien, évêque de Nantes that gives a very complete account of what is known or conjectured about the saint’s life.

…Émile Coornaert published two theses on the drapery-sayetterie of Hondschoote (13th to 18th century) and the wool industry in Bergues-Saint-Winnoc (14th to 17th century). In 1941, he wrote a book on French Corporations before 1789.

… on the nearby rue de Rome, this canvas, now in the National Gallery of Art at Washington D.C., portrays a woman with a small dog and a book as she sits facing us in front of an iron fence; a young girl to her left views the railroad track and steam beyond it. At the time of its first exhibition it was caricatured and the subject of ridicule.

…Éditions Robert Laffont is a book publishing company in France founded in 1941 by Robert Laffont. Its publications are distributed in almost all francophone countries, but mainly in France, Canada and in Belgium.

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