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… takes him inside to talk, leaving Y outside. Still feeling distraught, M threatens to kill himself with a bottle of pills. J pours the pills out and sweeps them into the trash, telling him that they won’t be enough. She gives him the gun, then…

… case, it was a popular drink for invalids and it was a common sight for us to see people walking away from it carrying a bottle of the water from it. Even a jug in earlier days, and I well remember going to it as a wee lassie along with my father to take some to my Granny in Townhead.

… restaurant in 1900 and subsequently developed a close friendship, apparently sealed over a bottle of Moulin-a-Vent. In 1912, through Garnett’s ‘circle’ of friends, Richard Curle was first introduced to Conrad and became his protégé, literary assistant and close friend.

… of Joy (where they worked collectively to create a drawing of random objects on a large sheet of paper attached to a wall) and The Gray Sea (in which Abramishvili brought a bottle of water from the White Sea and Zvezdochotov from the Black Sea, and the group mixed the water in a little pool, announcing the discovery of a new sea).

… when the Colonel buys a bottle of their elixir for each one of his plantation field hands. When the sheriff impounds their wagon, the Gurgles stay on with the Colonel and helps defend his mansion against Yankees and bankers.

With three minutes until midnight, the limo is stuck in traffic. Accepting that the group won’t make it to party number five, Ted opens a bottle of champagne and pours everyone a glass, saying that they have a great party in the limo.

… tap-dance, a bottle of Carmencita-brand powder and a bottle of toilet water dance a flamenco dance, a pair of salt shakers come to life as Dutch children and go ice-skating on a mirror while a bottle of talcum powder drops imaginary snow on…

With only 16 girls left, drama slowly arises. Rayna accused the girls of taking a bottle of her perfume, but she is later seen on the balcony talking to Tik, revealing that she did not really lose anything. This caused the other girls to believe that Rayna may only be in the house for camera time.

With my Kansas City baby, and a bottle of Kansas City wine…

… fifteen seconds. Duffy’s first request after his victory was for a cigarette, and after his post-race medical examination he asked for a bottle of beer.

With 10 days left, tensions are high and everyone is on edge as each tries to cram the extensive history, geography, and culture of wine into their brain before exam day that takes place in Dallas, Texas. The candidates’ emotions are mixed with hope and fear as their mentors give them one last impossibly hard round of situational testing in service and tasting, including an exercise in just how fast one can get a bottle of wine cold. During a practice tasting with a Master Sommelier, Ian Cauble becomes convinced that someone has switched his wines. Brian speculates on the worst-case scenario of Him and Dustin passing, leaving their friend Ian behind. He hopes Ian passes for his sanity.

Wiremu is sacked from the IV after Kieran finds a bottle of vodka in his bag put there by Harmony, who herself steals $5000 from the IV safe before fleeing.

Winnie, a teenager now is in a dry cornfield talking to the turtle, she still has a bottle of the spring water that Jesse gave to her and pours it all over the toad, but then she realizes that if they do try to kill it and it doesn’t work, then they’ll wonder, so she puts it into the woods and hides it.

… the last of a bottle of tonic and puts on her hat. She struggles to read the writing on the toothbrush. She wakes up Willie, her husband, who is hidden by the mound, and prattles to him. He occasionally responds with headlines from his…

… less coveted. No-one can buy a bottle of Romanée-Conti alone—that is, without buying other wines. First you must be on the mailing list, which soon spawns a waiting list to get your name on the mailing list. Then comes an email warning: the offer is tomorrow: drop everything and stand by for the postman.

… as desired, with the other two members of their group following along in a van. At the midpoint, each team was given a bottle of wine to take to the church. $10,000 was awarded for each team arriving, and $5,000 for each unharmed bottle of wine.

Wine Delivery: At the midway point of the course, Anderson would hand the rider a bottle of La Mole wine, while eating an apple (first to Al, and then Elavia). The apple was a symbol of Bill’s home state, Washington.

Wilson worked as a nurse first in Spalding, Lincolnshire, and then moving to Kirkby, Cumbria. She married a man called Dixon but her husband soon died, probably poisoned with colchicum, a bottle of which was found in his room. The doctor recommended an autopsy but Wilson begged him not to perform it, and he backed down.

Wilson celebrated his 105th birthday at the Dunbar Club and received a bottle of malt. He also received a second birthday card from Queen Elizabeth II, which was presented to him by East Lothian’s Lord Lieutenant, Garth Morrison, at the Belhaven Hospital. He had received the first card from the Queen on his 104th birthday.

… impress. Even when he runs into a nice elderly lady guest, although she doesn’t want to attend the party, he slips her a bottle of champagne—another gift of the trunk. One of the local girl’s hoodlum friends, Danny, happens to notice where Willy went to get his stash of liquor.

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