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Aviv by an unknown person; he was attacked with a broken bottle, and had to be treated with 52 stitches on the right side of his face. In January 2011, Zohar was attacked again in Tel Aviv while partying at a nightclub in the same method; an unknown person broke a bottle on his head which resulted in injuries in his head and hand.

Zoe (Taissa Farmiga) rummages through Madison’s (Emma Roberts) items, and a bottle rolls to reveal a hidden compartment in the closet. Inside, among other things, are pictures of the declining numbers of witches and a ouija board. They…

Zarag (voiced by Jacqueline Clarke): Zordrak’s sister, who was shut up in a bottle for five hundred years until accidentally being released by Nug. It is suggested in Zarag that she was once romantically involved with the Dream Maker, who…

You threw a bottle rack and urinal in their faces as a challenge and now they admire them for their aesthetic beauty.

Years have passed, little Dyesebel goes near the shore and a bottle lands on her head. She inspects the bottle and she grows curious about the piece of plastic on her hand. Fredo, meanwhile, thinks he saw a little girl in the water.

… classical music (Alexander Scriabin, Maurice Ravel). This eclectic mix of influences is evident in his 2007 album, A Time for Everything, which includes covers of popular tracks from Britney Spears (Toxic), Leonard Cohen (Hallelujah) and The Police (Message in a Bottle).

Y meets her ex-boyfriend in a café, and she uses their sex video to blackmail him for money. She then goes with J on a spending spree, in preparation for their trip to Thailand. They return to J’s apartment, where M has been waiting. J takes him inside to talk, leaving Y outside. Still feeling distraught, M threatens to kill himself with a bottle of pills. J pours the pills out and sweeps them into the trash, telling him…

… case, it was a popular drink for invalids and it was a common sight for us to see people walking away from it carrying a bottle of the water from it. Even a jug in earlier days, and I well remember going to it as a wee lassie along with my father to take some to my Granny in Townhead.

… restaurant in 1900 and subsequently developed a close friendship, apparently sealed over a bottle of Moulin-a-Vent. In 1912, through Garnett’s ‘circle’ of friends, Richard Curle was first introduced to Conrad and became his protégé, literary assistant and close friend.

… (1987). She has since enjoyed a successful career in the film industry, starring in various films, including the epic romantic comedy-drama Forrest Gump (1994), the romantic drama Message in a Bottle (1999), the superhero drama-thriller…

… of Joy (where they worked collectively to create a drawing of random objects on a large sheet of paper attached to a wall) and The Gray Sea (in which Abramishvili brought a bottle of water from the White Sea and Zvezdochotov from the Black Sea, and the group mixed the water in a little pool, announcing the discovery of a new sea).

Works the same as the lever variation, except that it is attached to the wall, to allow for simpler bottle-opening, which can be done with one hand. The bottle cap can fall into a bottle cap catcher mounted below the opener, or you can retrieve it after removal from the bottle. A variant to this are similar types of openers mounted on older vending machines.

… odds of 100/8 in a field of thirty-seven runners. The race was run on 24 March in unusually warm and sunny conditions. An unusual feature of the race was a large public gamble on a runner named Blue Shirt after a message in a bottle was…

Work began on the building of the new college in August 1933, and a time capsule (messages in a bottle) was buried under the front steps by the workmen – this was later discovered in 1995.

Woogie Weekend originated from Lightning in a Bottle, a music festival created by The Do LaB in 2000. Lightning in a Bottle featured what was originally a minor stage known as The Woogaloogie, which was later renamed The Woogie. The stage…

Woogie Weekend is a transformational festival in Silverado, California presented by The Do LaB, a Los Angeles based event production team. Originating as a stage at the Lightning in a Bottle music festival, Woogie Weekend became a separate event featuring electronic dance music, specifically house music, breakbeat, trance, and techno.

Coke, and settles down to enjoy the evening TV show in solid comfort. Just as he is completely relaxed and enjoying himself, he hears the baby cry. He opens his Baby-Sitters’ Manual and ascertains that when the baby cries, you give him a

… when the Colonel buys a bottle of their elixir for each one of his plantation field hands. When the sheriff impounds their wagon, the Gurgles stay on with the Colonel and helps defend his mansion against Yankees and bankers.

With three minutes until midnight, the limo is stuck in traffic. Accepting that the group won’t make it to party number five, Ted opens a bottle of champagne and pours everyone a glass, saying that they have a great party in the limo.

… tap-dance, a bottle of Carmencita-brand powder and a bottle of toilet water dance a flamenco dance, a pair of salt shakers come to life as Dutch children and go ice-skating on a mirror while a bottle of talcum powder drops imaginary snow on…

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