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… quantum confinement effect. The major part of the theory is the behaviour of the exciton resembles that of an atom as its surrounding space shortens. A rather good approximation of an exciton’s behaviour is the 3-D model of a particle in a

… spans (26 m + 10 x 33 m + 26 m). Each of the structures is supported by a pair of abutments and 11 H-section piers. The deck structures are executed using incremental launching and comprise a box girder of constant cross-sections each. The viaduct is 402 m long and 27.9 m wide, carrying two traffic lanes and an emergency lane for each of the driving directions.

… him away, he keeps coming back. One day Burcu sends a box of chocolate and a love note to her brother, but she signs it with Öykü’s name. When Öykü finds out about what happened, she runs to Mete’s office to take the present with the note…

Zübert started out as a screenwriter for German television. In 2000 he directed and wrote his first feature Lammbock, which was a surprise hit in Germany with over one million admissions. In the same year he wrote the script for Mädchen Mädchen which was a box office hit.

January 2016. The film was released on 7 October 2016 during Durga Puja to poor reviews but was a box office success. The songs and music of the film is a hit and topped the charts.

… $12.5 million on a $35 million budget and was a box office bomb. Zoom was nominated for one Razzie Award, Worst Actor for Tim Allen (also nominated for The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause and The Shaggy Dog), but he lost to Marlon and Shawn Wayans for Little Man. Zoom was released on DVD on February 13, 2007 by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

Zinta’s first role in 2000 was in the drama Kya Kehna, which unexpectedly became a box office success. The film addressed themes of single parenthood and teenage pregnancy, and gained Zinta wider recognition from the public as well as film…

Zid made 140 million in India and 100 million overseas. It became a box office success.

Zero Day was a box office bomb, gaining only $8,466 against a $20,000 budget.

… wonders why Saniya has never married and tries to find her an ideal match which ends in humorous disaster, she later finds out about Saniya’s history with Qabacha. Zain has a box which is locked and hidden, Zenia is eager to know what her…

Zena quickly briefs him on the rules: each player picks their character from a box of cards depicting different aliens. Every alien race has their own strengths, weaknesses, and IRSC (Interstellar Relative Sapience Code, with lower numbers…

Zellweger starred opposite Chris ODonnell in the romantic comedy The Bachelor (1999), a box office failure widely panned by critics. She next appeared as Irene Waters in the Farrelly brothers comedy Me, Myself and Irene, co-starring Jim…

Zebra fish larval locomotor activity assay of transgenic fish embryos and individual larvae placed in a 96-well plate, monitored in a box and continuously illuminated by infrared lights, illuminated by white lights showed major similarities between fish circadian system and mammalian sleep/wake regulator for example.

… created when the user does not have to click a button or check a box to indicate that they have accepted the terms of service for a particular website.

Yuvan Yuvathi (Male Youth, Female Youth) is a 2011 Indian Tamil romance film, written and directed by G. N. R. Kumaravelan that stars Bharath and Rima Kallingal. The film released on 26 August 2011, receiving mixed to negative reviews and became a box office failure. The film was dubbed in Telugu under the title Dear.

Yui, having recovered, visits the Saeki household and opens the closet, discovering a box of tapes that show the Saeki family’s lives. One tape reveals that Kayako did indeed get pregnant not by Takeo, but by the spirit of Toshio Yamaga.

Youth in Revolt opened on January 8, 2010 in 1,873 theaters and grossed $6,888,334 in its opening weekend, ranking #9 in the domestic box office. By the end of its run on March 25, the film had grossed $15,281,286 domestically and $4,369,807 overseas for a worldwide total of $19,651,093. Based on its $18 million budget, the film was a box office failure.

Your Past Comes Back to Haunt You: The Fonotone Years, 1958-1965 is the title of a box set compilation of recordings by American fingerstyle guitarist and composer John Fahey, released in 2011.

Young Henri took holiday snapshots with a Box Brownie; he later experimented with a 3×4 inch view camera. He was raised in traditional French bourgeois fashion, and was required to address his parents with formal vous rather than tu. His father assumed that his son would take up the family business, but Henri was strong-willed and also feared this prospect.

Young Como started helping his family at age 10, working before and after school in Steve Fragapane’s barber shop for 50¢ a week. By age 13, he had graduated to having his own chair in the Fragapane barber shop, although he stood on a box to…

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