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…Édouard Brissaud (15 April 1852, Besançon – 20 December 1909) was a French physician and pathologist. He was taught by Jean Martin Charcot at Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital. He had interests in a number of medical disciplines including motion disturbances, anatomy, neurology and psychiatry. He died of a brain tumour, aged 57.

…Ámparo Iturbi died on 22 April 1969 in Beverly Hills, California, from a brain tumor, aged 71.

Zumberge died at age 68 in Pasadena, California, as the result of a brain tumor.

Zucker died of a brain tumor on April 12, 2008. Zucker was survived by his wife Anita, and by his children Jonathan Zucker, Andrea Muzin, and Jeffrey Zucker.

… to adopt her daughter Sharice Brooks (Adrianna Bertola). She later began a relationship with her colleague Nick Jordan (Michael French), which dissolved when she lied about being pregnant with his child. They continued a friendship and when Nick refused surgery for a brain tumour, Zoe forged his signature.

… and Polly Emmerson (Matt Bardock and Sophia Di Martino), while she keeps Lenny under her wing. Zoe later discovers that Nick left because he has a brain tumor and wanted to die alone. Zoe then lies to save his life against his will by…

Students’ League, had three showings, and often lectured on modern German painters. Zimmermann married his wife Dorothy in 1931. They had one son Edwin. Zimmermann died of a brain tumor at age 61 on August 3, 1967, while visiting Ohlstadt, Germany.

Zig: A carefree alien with a heart of gold and a brain with the shape and processing power of a banana. He’s not the brightest spark in the solar system, but he’s endlessly enthusiastic, curious and ready for whatever adventures come his way.

Zhivkova died at the age of 38 from a brain tumor. Unsubstantiated rumors continue to circulate that perhaps Zhivkova was murdered by those who disapproved of her esoteric interests. As the daughter of the communist leader, Zhivkova was accorded a very large public funeral in Bulgaria.

Zeeman died in July 2009 at the age of 50, of a brain tumor.

Zackery Lystedt is a former youth football player who, in 2006, spent 31 days in a coma following a brain injury sustained during a middle school football game. Lystedt, then 13, returned to the field after banging his helmet hard on the…

… birth. She suffered from post-partum depression. She was also held hostage by two escaped convicts for a prolonged period. Tragically, she died of a brain aneurysm in 1973, leaving Larry crushed.

… 1953, a span during which the team won five league championships. After his playing career, Young worked as an executive at a utility in Illinois and officiated in the AFL. He died of a brain tumor in 1969.

Young died suddenly in 1969 of a brain tumor at 45. He was an AFL official for the league’s entire existence; the AFL and NFL formally merged starting in the 1970 season.

York was hospitalized on March 17, 2010 after collapsing in his suburban Detroit home from a brain aneurysm. He died the next day.

Years later, Robert has become a brain surgeon. He learns that Helen urgently needs an operation, which he performs. When she awakens, her sight has miraculously returned.

Yazid named his brother Ibrahim as his successor. Yazid fell ill of a brain tumour and died on October 3 or 4, 744. Ibrahim duly succeeded him.

Yadin Dudai’s research interests encompass the neurobiology of learning and memory, memory as a concept and as a brain faculty, and the interrelationships among the two. He is also interested in collective memory, and in the evolution of ‘cultural organs’, such as the cinema.

YWIH participates in Bulldog Buddies, a program at Yale New Haven Hospital that teams children with brain tumors with one of the Yale Athletic Teams. In 2011, they adopted a nine-year-old girl with a brain tumor, she goes to all of the home games and calls them when she is in the blues.

… which reveals he has a brain aneurysm. Finn manipulates Xanthe in his bid to become principal of Erinsborough High. She breaks up with Ben, as she develops feelings for Finn. Finn is discovered to have swapped Susan’s vitamins with opiates,…

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