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…Émilie was a brilliant and learned woman, known all over Europe for her translation of Newton. Her love affair and pregnancy created scandal and inspired satirical mirth; her death was a shock to everyone. Voltaire was shattered, and…

Monteverde. Obregón Tapia’s father was a brilliant Sonoran general in the Mexican Revolution, who became president of Mexico in 1920, re-elected in 1928, but assassinated before he could take office. Obregón Tapia’s birth in 1916 was after his father’s defeat of Pancho Villa in 1915 in the Battle of Celaya, a decisive victory for the Constitutionalists.

Zimbabwe’s main aim in the innings break was to lose with dignity. When opener Vusi Sibanda was out for a duck, even that seemed to be a tall order, but skipper Brendan Taylor changed the entire complexion of the match. Taylor scored a brilliant 75 before he was dismissed fresh from the centuries he scored from the last games.

… of five in 1475 and was created crown prince. He had been a brilliant child early on and he received the best education offered at that time. He was immersed in Confucian schooling and he excelled in his studies.

Zhirkov participated in all six games of the group stage in the 2006 Champions League. On 6 December 2006 he scored a brilliant goal against Hamburger SV, which was selected as the best goal of the competition by UEFA’s official magazine. In the 2007-08 season, however, CSKA lost almost every game in Europe.

… be a brilliant strategy. With the advanced technology of the Chinese states and nomadic tactics, the cavalry of Zhao became a powerful force. The result was that the newly strengthened Zhao was evenly matched against its greatest enemy, the state of Qi.

Zhang Zhao was born in present-day Jiangsu. A brilliant scholar, he devoted his life mainly to the study of Chinese classic texts. His fame as a scholar spread, and on the advice of Zhou Yu, Sun Ce personally invited Zhang Zhao to serve him as an advisor.

Zelda Fichandler came from a family that emigrated from Russia when she was an infant. Her father, Harry Diamond, was a brilliant scientist. In fact, her father created the proximity fuse for the atom bomb. When she started out working she…

Zanelli had a rich voice and was equally successful as a baritone and a tenor, his early death from cancer cutting short a brilliant career. His artistry is preserved, however, on a number of recordings of operatic arias which he made at the height of his powers in the two vocal categories that he had mastered. These recordings are available on CD.

… drinking water and irrigation source to Chaudhwan). Zaman Khan Babar was known as a brilliant warrior, leader and tactician. He also built a fort at Zam Chaudhwan.

ZGC displays the social aspects and scholastic habitat of the Warring States Period. Not just a brilliant historical work, it is an excellent historical literature and novel. Major events and historical information of the period are…

Z. Marcas is a novelette by French author Honoré de Balzac first published in 1840. Set in contemporary Paris, it describes the rise and fall of a brilliant political strategist who is abandoned by the politicians he helps into power.

… on, As a literary historian, he is also known as a brilliant researcher for the literature of Soseki Natsume (1867-1916, 夏目漱石), the father of modern Japanese literature. Yōichi Komori is also very influential to the young Japanese literary historians for his theoretical and critical approaches in the research of modern novels.

Young became a household name in Israel when, on 15 October 1961, at age 19, he scored a brilliant goal against powerhouse Italy in a 1962 World Cup Qualifier to give Israel a 2-0 lead. While Israel went on to lose 4-2, the goal, in which…

Young Annibale proved to be of high intelligence and had a poetic disposition. When he was fifteen years old he continued his studies under the tutelage of the famous Sicilian poet Felice Bisazza. He looked to a brilliant and secure career…

Yet again, there was talk that claims of business would prevent Foster playing again during 1912, and in 1913 he was, for the only time in his career, a disappointment, even though he hit a brilliant century against Hampshire. However, in…

… the meticulous classic Flemish technique that still typifies his work. In time they came to see him as a brilliant – though troubled – talent.

Zhang Wuji. Zhang passes Xu the Book of Wumu, a text on military strategy written by the Song dynasty general Yue Fei. Xu benefits greatly from reading the book, becomes a brilliant military commander, and assists Zhu Yuanzhang in overthrowing the Yuan dynasty and establishing the Ming dynasty.

X+Y, released in the US as A Brilliant Young Mind, is a 2014 British drama film directed by Morgan Matthews starring Asa Butterfield, Rafe Spall and Sally Hawkins.

Wunderlich was soon noted as a brilliant young tenor, especially in Mozartian roles, but he later expanded his reach to the full range of the lyric tenor repertoire.

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