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… concession to a British company to build a railway from Aydın to İzmir, on 22 September 1856. The Ottoman Railway Company (ORC) was formed on that day.

…İbrahim Sirkeci (born 1972) is a British Turkish management scientist, Ria Financial Professor of Transnational Studies and Marketing at the European Business School London, Regent’s University London, and Director of Regent’s Centre for Transnational Studies.

…İbrahim Doğuş (born July 1980) is a British politician, entrepreneur, restaurateur. He is founder of the Centre for Turkey Studies.

…Óengus mac Nad Froích (430-489) was an Eoganachta and the first Christian king of Munster. He was the son of Nad Froich mac Cuirc by Faochan, a British lady (called daughter of the King of Britain). In Geoffrey Keating’s History of Ireland Oengus is given a reign of 36 years which would place the start of his reign as early as 453.

…Ñāṇamoli Bhikkhu (born Osbert John S Moore, June 25, 1905 – March 8, 1960) was a British Theravada Buddhist monk and translator from Pali.

…Élizabeth Vidal (born 10 June 1960) is a French operatic coloratura soprano born to a Spanish father and a British mother. She was appointed teacher of singing at the Conservatory of Nice in 2009.

… was no longer possible (the Japanese conquered the city on February 15, after a week’s siege), so instead Ève flew to Burma, which was also a British colony then.

Zzzap (rendered ZZZap!) was a British children’s television comedy programme. The concept of the show is a giant 18 ft comic that has been brought to life. The show was broadcast on ITV from 8 January 1993 until 21 September 2001 and was produced for ten series by The Media Merchants and Meridian Broadcasting.

Zushi Games, formerly Zoo Digital Publishing, was a British video game publisher. Based in Sheffield, Zushi is the owner of the multi-million selling Premier Manager series and best known for Alien Hominid. Zushi publishes titles for the Nintendo DS, Wii, Game Boy Advance, PlayStation 2, PC and Xbox.

Zuleikha Robinson (born 29 June 1977) is a British actress and singer. She has appeared in films Hidalgo (2004), The Merchant of Venice (2004) and The Namesake (2006). Robinson later was a regular cast member on the ABC series Lost…

Zuhal was chosen as a British Council Global Changemaker in 2008, and was then invited to become a peer facilitator for their 4th Global Youth Summit in 2009. She was involved with UNICEF and UNESCO in raising awareness through concerts,…

Zubair Mahmood Khan (born 7 February 1983) was a British cricketer. Born in Birmingham, he was a left-handed batsman and a right-arm fast bowler who played for Derbyshire during the 2000 season. Khan’s brother, Rawait Khan, is also a British cricketer. Both are of Pakistani background.

Zoë Wanamaker holds both British and American citizenship. She became a British citizen in 2000.

Zoë Nathenson (born 1969) is a British actress.In 1986, at the age of 17, she performed as daughter of Bob Hoskins in the film Mona Lisa. Nathenson operates her own Film Acting School.

… married Matthew Homfray, a British veterinary surgeon and pharmaceuticals consultant. Her newest novel, The Sky is Changing, was her first written in English and was published by Legend Press in June 2010

Zoë Claire Wenham (born 7 May 1994) is a British auto racing driver.

Zoë Buckman (born 1985) is a British artist, photographer, and producer.

Zoot and the Roots were a British jazz band based in York during the 1980s, fronted by Miles Gilderdale and featuring saxophonist Snake Davis. It also featured future video game music composer, Grant Kirkhope on trumpet.

Zoot Woman is a British electronic music group consisting of Adam Blake, Johnny Blake and Stuart Price. The band has gained a worldwide following for their live shows. The live act is Johnny Blake and Adam Blake, Price does not tour.

Zoot Money’s Big Roll Band is a British rhythm and blues and soul group, also influenced by jazz, formed in England in the early autumn of 1961. The band has had a number of personnel changes over the years and was still performing in 2017.

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