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…Žerjavić was born in Križ and graduated at the Faculty of Economics at the University of Zagreb. He was one of four siblings, having two sisters, Viktorija (1908-1993) and Darinka (1921-2009) and a brother, Slavko. After 1934 he worked in…

…Šlomović was born in Đakovo (Austro-Hungarian Empire) in 1915 to a Jewish family of Bernard and Roza Šlomović. He had a brother, Egon.

…Šikovec had a brother Rudi and sister Sonja; they lost their father in World War II. At school she played volleyball and table tennis, and changed to athletics in 1953. In 1959 she married a sports journalist, and in 1961 moved from…

Sultan. He has two siblings, a sister Ayşe Gülnev Sultan and a brother Orhan Murad Osmanoğlu. Selim holds a Degree in Business and Economics from Kingston University, London and is a Fellow of the Chartered Insurance Institute, a Chartered Insurance Broker and a Fellow of the Institute of Risk Management.

…Čech was born a triplet along with sister Šárka and a brother named Michal, who died aged two after contracting an infection in hospital. Čech also has an elder sister, Markéta.

…Čardaklija had a brother, Jovan, who also crossed to insurrectionist Serbia and worked as a government clerk until the Ottoman return in 1813. Jovan then fled to Russia with other notable Serbs. That is also where he died.

…Øksnevad was born in Høyland, a son of teacher Arnt Øksnevad and Kirsten Torine Folkvord, and was a brother of librarian Reidar Øksnevad. His daughter married journalist and film director Arne Skouen, and he was a grandfather of composer Synne Skouen. He died in Oslo in 1975.

…Ömer was the son of the prominent akıncı leader and governor of Thessaly, Turahan Bey, and grandson of Pasha Yiğit Bey, the conqueror of Skopje. He had a brother, Ahmed Bey, and two sons, Hasan and Idris, the latter of whom was a notable poet and translator of Persian poetry.

…Ó Máille was a grandson of Eoghan mac Diarmait Ó Máille, a brother of Domnall Ruadh O Maille (died 1337). Cormac was a son of Domnall mac Eoghan, and had brothers Eoghan, Brian, Cormac Buadhach, Ruaibh. Though not a chief himself, Cormac was of the line that provided all subsequent Ó Máille Chiefs of the Name.

…Ó Cellaigh was a native of Aughrim, County Galway. His father, Cellach Ó Cellaigh married Julia Ní Cellaigh, daughter of Tadg Dubh of Gallagh. He had a brother, Hugh, who died without male issue.

… is unknown. Æthelwald faced at least one rebellion, led by Oswine, perhaps a brother of Oswulf. In 765 a Witenagemot of Northumbrian notables deposed Æthelwald and replaced him with Alhred, a kinsman of his predecessor. After his removal from the throne Æthelwald became a monk, perhaps involuntarily.

… the A, B and C versions, and Æthelweard’s Chronicon, state that he was Æthelwulf’s son. Some historians have argued that it is more probable that he was a brother, including Eric John in 1966 and Ann Williams in 1978. However, in 1991 Ann…

…Æthelheard was succeeded by Cuthred, possibly a brother or other relative.

…Ælfwine (c. 661-679) was the King of Deira from 670 to 679. He was a son of Oswiu of Northumbria and a brother of Ecgfrith of Northumbria.

…Ásgeir has two sons Hugi and Muni after Odin’s ravens Hugin and Munin. His brother-in-law is writer and humorist Tim Moore, his father is scientist Helgi Valdimarsson and he is a brother of scientist Agnar Helgason.

…Ádám Steinmetz (born 11 August 1980 in Budapest) is a Hungarian water polo player and Olympic champion, who plays for Hungarian Championship outfit Vasas SC. He has a brother, Barnabás Steinmetz, who is also a water polo player and two-time Olympic gold medalist.

Zóbel was born in Ermita, Manila in the Philippines to Enrique Zóbel de Ayala (1877-1943) and Fermina Montojo y Torrontegui and was a member of the prominent Zóbel de Ayala family. He was a brother of Jacobo Zóbel (father of Enrique J.

Zul’s younger brother, who has served as mayor of Bengkulu in 2013 17, Helmi Hasan, Zul considered not only as a brother but also as parents who must be obeyed and respected 17. Besides Helmi, Zul also has a younger brother named Zainudin…

Zorzi is the son of financial manager Mary Zorzi (née Fannon) and reporter and public relations executive William F. Zorzi, Sr. He has three siblings, a brother and two sisters.

… been around the ages of 1-2, and hence it was not possible for him to consult them. It seems more likely that Ziying was an uncle of Qin Er Shi (and hence a brother of Qin Shi Huang) instead of Fusu’s son. Some historians have also suggested that Ziying might be a son of Chengjiao, Qin Shi Huang’s younger half-brother.

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