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Ā (brown booby, Sula leucogaster) are frequently sighted fishing offshore and seen roosting along the Nā Pali Coast, but they do not nest on Kauai. In recent years, however, nesting sites have been observed on nearby islands.

… the lion’s blood. This oil then had to be combined with lead and heated further which would produce another oil. This oil was to be fed to a small bird. After six weeks, the bird was to be roasted until it turned into a brown glass, then…

Zahrat Dubai was a brown mare bred in the United Kingdom bred in England by her first owner Ahmed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. Her sire, Unfuwain was a high-class middle distance runner who won four Group races before siring the winners of more…

Z. mima is also easily distinguished from Trigonospila by other characters, including a heavy suffusion of black or brown along the wing margin, giving the appearance of a brown stripe adjacent to the wing margin and much longer antennae.

Z. heterothecae is a small leaf beetle with a brown pronotum and yellow elytra marked with elongated brown stripes.

Z. disrupta is a small leaf beetle with a brown pronotum and yellow elytra marked with elongated brown stripes.

Z. conjuncta is a small leaf beetle with a brown pronotum and yellow elytra marked with elongated brown stripes. The species Z. conjuncta contains two subspecies, Zygogramma conjuncta conjuncta (Rogers, 1856) and Zygogramma conjuncta pallida (Bland, 1864).

Z. bicolorata is a small lead beetle with a brown head, brown and yellow graduated pronotum and yellow elytra marked with characteristic elongated brown stripes. The pattern on the elytra is greatly variable – in a study of 478 beetles, 29 variations on this pattern were identified.

Z. arizonica is a small leaf beetle with a brown pronotum and yellow elytra marked with elongated brown stripes and spots.

Young birds take four years to reach fully adult plumage. During this time they go through several plumage stages and can be very variable in appearance. First-winter birds are gray-brown with a dark tail, a brown rump with dark bars, dark…

Young birds have a duller, indistinct head pattern, with buff stripes and a brown ground colour, and have streaked breasts.

Yerwin – The Chief of Scouts, Yerwin wears no steel armor, only a brown leather jerkin and has a grey goatee. Artesia refers to him as Hawkeye.

Yellow brown flowers form on panicles in the months of March to May. The fruit forms in August to November. Being a hairy capsule with three cells around 18 mm long. Capsules mature to a brown colour, after being a violet pink. One seed in each cell, being covered in aril. Care needs to be taken when handling the capsule, as the hairs may cause skin irritation.

… quickly proved to be a very good lawman, and killed two men only a short time after accepting the position, during arrest situations. However, Harry A. Brown, a self-proclaimed gunman, drifted into town sometime around the beginning of 1881.

Yabe was the combined champion of the 1st All America Karate Tournament in 1961 while still a brown belt. In 1962, 1963, 1966 and 1967, Yabe added victories in the All America Karate Tournament competition. He was a member of the US National Team at the WUKO World Championships in 1970 in Tokyo and at the 2nd WUKO World Championships in 1972 in Paris.

Xylodromus depressus is a brown coloured species of beetle in the rove beetle family, that can be found in Albania, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia,…

Xanthosis is a brown pigmentation of skeletal and heart muscles of cattle. The condition is particularly seen in older animals, and in some wasting diseases. Prevalent in Ayrshire cattle and their crosses.

XQUZYPHYR – origin and pronunciation of name unknown. XQUZYPHYR is a shadowy figure in a brown trenchcoat and hat. His legs have almost never been drawn, but on those rare occasions when they are visible they are clad in brown trousers.

Woolly lipfern is a fern which typically grows in dry and rocky places such as high cliffs and crevices in substrate such as limestone or granite. It shrivels up into a brown curled mass and appears dead in periods of drought but will…

… fascists, also using the Hitler salute and a brown shirted uniform. This group also espoused a strong sense of nationalism and a leadership cult but it did not support totalitarianism and as a result it could not be characterised as fully fascist. Both groups are still active although neither of them demonstrates the characteristics of fascism now.

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