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… scare it away. Then, to show his wife that there were no more bullets in the gun, he removed the magazine, put it to his head and pulled the trigger. However, there was a bullet still in the chamber, which fired and struck him in the temple.

Zhang Jingchuan, a Chinese mountaineer who survived the assault, described his ordeal in a press-conference held at Kunming in the Yunnan province of China. He recalled the attack being sudden. He said that he was shot at and a bullet flew…

… physical damage preventing her from speaking, like having her larynx mangled by a bullet, or her mouth magically erased by her own powers. The only magic command issued in both cases, Heal me, had to be spelled backwards, as if she were speaking (laeH em).

Maina. When they leave the place with Elsa and Amen, a bullet hits their wireless set. Without means to contact their base, they cannot manage to be found and picked up.

… to contain five bags full of clothing, Young’s books and papers, a bullet in its starboard side and some vomit. The men were not found despite subsequent searches, rewards, government inquiries and wide media coverage. The remnants of a…

… after injury. Seven minutes later, an Izzet corner was met with a bullet header from Yorke, that left Dean Kiely no chance, and level the game.

… times, years ago, when she was walking down this hall and a bullet ripped through her jaw line, and she was left bleeding on the floor with no one around. She enters the office, and then continues to the bathroom, where she holds a secret…

Yassky was killed in the Hadassah medical convoy massacre during the 1948 Arab-Israeli war, approximately one month before Israel’s declaration of independence. A bullet went through his liver and he exsanguinated in about ten minutes.

… blunt the Confederate attack. As he was organizing the defense, Burke was struck in the left leg by a bullet which shattered the bone. Burke turned over command of the brigade to Lieutenant Colonel Robert N. Adams, commander of the 81st Ohio and withdrew from the battlefield.

Wounded four times: in 1837, at the Siege of Constantine, a bullet pierced his uniform; in 1840, a bullet pierced his sabre through the rib cage; in 1857 in a battle; and also on September 1, 1870 at Sedan.

Wolfe won’t as yet accept a job from Mrs. Hazen, and tells her to wait and see what the police turn up. She leaves, but Wolfe insists that she relinquish the gun that she brought. Archie takes it to the basement and fires a bullet into a mattress to get a sample.

… the following month they left for a brief holiday in Halia, Finland. In January 1918, he survived an assassination attempt in Petrograd; Fritz Platten, who was with Lenin at the time, shielded him and was injured by a bullet.

Within a matter of days, a mutant-hating faction led by Donald Pierce and employing Hellfire Club mercenaries kidnap Juliana, luring Roberto into a trap. He engages the kidnappers, but is eventually defeated when his power reserve runs out. Other mutants named Karma and Psyche rescue him. In the course of the following battle, Juliana sacrifices her life for Roberto, jumping in front of a bullet meant for him.

With two putative governments in power, international pressure led to talks that led to the International Agreement on the Neutrality of Laos of 23 July 1962. By 27 September 1962, Kong Le had struck an agreement for supplying American military aid to FAN. However, political dissension began to cleave FAN, as members leaned toward either the Royalist or communist sides. Communist political strategy focused on fostering Neutralist hatred of Americans, with the aim of cutting off U.S. aid while co-opting the Neutralist movement. On 22 November 1962, while Kong Le was in Hanoi for surgery, an Air America transport plane was shot down while landing on the Plain of Jars, killing the pilots. Antiaircraft gunners of the pro-communist Phetsarath Artillery Battalion were responsible. Then, on 12 February 1963, the anti-communist FAN commander of Military Region 2, Colonel Kettsana Vongsouvanh, was murdered with a bullet to the brain. Deuane was blamed for both fatal incidents; a series of assassinations were sparked by Kettsana’s death, leading to a split in the Neutralist movement.

With their mission a complete failure, Cheol-yeong and Joong-won retreat to their emergency rendezvous point. Cheol-yeong survives the encounter, but suffers a bullet to his arm and tells Joong-won that Yoo-gun that injured him.

… successively through the ranks to captain, colonel, and then to brigadier general. During the Battle of Fort Donelson in Tennessee, he was badly wounded by a bullet that passed through his right lung. He was among the thousands of troops who…

With the outbreak of World War I (1914-18) Touny was recalled to the army in August 1914, and assigned to the General Staff of the Cavalry Corps. On 9 September he was wounded by a bullet at Nanteuil-le-Haudouin.He was appointed captain in…

With the opening of the Olympics approaching, Díaz Ordaz was determined to stop these demonstrations. In September, he ordered the army to occupy the UNAM campus. They took the campus without firing a bullet, but beat and arrested students indiscriminately. Barros Sierra resigned in protest on September 23.

… capturing her and intending to beat and torture her to death in front of a paying crowd. Selina escapes when Killer Croc arrives, looking for Jade, but is horrified when a bullet aimed at her kills Jade instead. She returns to Calabrese who repeats his suggestion that Selina could end the gang war, and she takes up the cause.

… even guards Lord when he is incapacitated by a bullet wound. The villains again later reunite as the Injustice League as henchmen of Sonar.

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