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… furthering his studies in Italy. Valvis married Arsinoe Ratzikosta and fathered nine children. He twice served as prime minister but fell on hard times in his old age, dying impoverished in 1872 after refusing a state pension so as not to be a

… didn’t want to be a burden to him. When her sight is restored she attempts to reunite with Zhen but by that time he had fallen in love with Xiao Shu and only wanted to be her friend.

Yu Hao’s girlfriend and love. Ever since the horrific incident that happened to her in the first series she goes through a drastic change in personality and appearance to no longer make herself a burden for Yu Hao.

Young and wild, Li Ping finds her son, Olympic, a burden and often leaves him in the care of her neighbour, Lee Jia Cheng (Tay Ping Hui). He helps them with the responsibility of caring for baby Olympic and lessens the heavy burden of the Huang women.

… parent’s low economic class. Some people who were raised in wealthy families criticize this as well. Unfairness in Korean society is becoming a burden for young adults and is making the Korean society similar to the one described in the spoon class theory.

Yogev is aggressively opposed to the existence of organized labor, and sees it as a burden on the economy and the leading cause of mediocrity and lack of professionalism. He said that there is no need for organized labor in Israel, since…

Writing in the International Litigation Quarterly (of the American Bar Association) in March 2008, Eric Sherby (Israel) rejected the contention that section 1782 imposes too much of a burden on Corporate America. Focusing on five cases…

… links in the headers of the page. This places more of a burden on web site designers and developers, but allows them to control the presentation of the navigation links.

… of the group seems to still carry a burden from their previous life. Mikey, a recent graduate and basketball enthusiast with a history of self-harm, is struggling with leaving his mother behind. When he is finally capable of letting her…

… overall a burden to the women. In turn, the women decide to run away with secret lovers, or to kill their respective husbands in order to live a better life. Through the use of this story, Winterson achieves further contrast to the main…

Within Batavia’s walls, the wealthy Dutch built tall houses and canals. Commercial opportunities attracted Indonesian and especially Chinese immigrants, with the increasing population numbers creating a burden upon the city. In the 18th…

With the failed and profitless Wellsville to Buffalo extension now gone and no longer a burden on resources, the new Buffalo and Susquehanna Railroad Corporation had a good chance to prosper. With their debts now reorganized, and wood and lumber shipments on the continued decline, the B&S survived and continued to operate very profitably now as a coal carrier.

… mindful of the ‘insider insight that autoethnography offers researchers, participants, and readers/audiences’. Ellis’ Maternal Connections can be considered a successful incorporation of the first goal in that she ‘questions the idea of care-giving as a burden, instead of portraying caregiving as a loving and meaning-making relationship’.

With the buyout debt still a burden, the animation market beginning to soften with the rise of video tape viewing and a glut of new shows & new kids cable channels, Japanese contract animation companies rates increased 40% from 1986 to…

With Thwaite’s consent, Lady Anna makes half of her fortune over to the young earl. She marries Thwaite with the public approval of the Lovel family, though Lady Lovel refuses to attend the ceremony. The two then emigrate to Australia, where they expect that his low birth and her title will no longer be a burden to them.

With Cheryl Grossman, Boose has also introduced an initiative to put on hold most new safety regulations for trucks weighing more than 10,000 pounds. Grossman has argued the new regulations are unnecessary and a burden for businesses.

While Fred is recuperating in a nursing home, Daisy returns to Cambridge and gets a job at the local asylum. She visits Mrs Wrayburn, quickly realises that the household chores are a burden to her, and offers to take them over in return for lodging. As soon as Fred learns of her return, he proposes marriage. Daisy says that she will consider it.

While ESAS proved profitable for Aerotransport and DDL, it became a burden for DNL. The former two had a much closer overlap between their routes, while DNL had operated without direct competition with the other two on most of its routes.

When two parties are in a discussion and one makes a claim that the other disputes, the one who makes the claim typically has a burden of proof to justify or substantiate that claim especially when it challenges a perceived status quo.

… then has an operation to remove a blood clot on his brain and recovers and regains his memory. He is left paralysed and soon feels like a burden to Phoebe and decides to go to a rehabilitation centre but changes his mind at the last minute.

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