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…Şile is a part of Istanbul public transport system (İETT). There is a bus from Harem via Üsküdar (located at the Anatolian side of Istanbul) to Şile (İETT Lines 139 and 139A).

… present name on 22 March 1997. The 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami severely damaged he station and nearby tracks, and rail services have now been replaced by a Bus Rapid Transit Line.

… machine. Downstairs below the platform level, there is a ticket booth with two ticket vending machines, and a ticket gate with a post-type self-service ticket gate machine. A no-fee bicycle parking, a taxi stand, and a bus stop are located southwest of the station within a minute walk from the ticket gate, but there is no parking spot.

…Ōhata was served by Route 279 (Japan) highway, but no railway service. Formerly (from 1939 to 2001), the Ōhata Line connected Ōhata Station with Shimokita Station via eight stations. The train has now been replaced by a bus service.

…Ürümqi Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) is a bus rapid transit system in Ürümqi, Xinjiang, China. It began trial operations in August, 2011 and official operation in September.

…Última Parada 174 relates a fictionalized account of the life of Nascimento, street kid in Rio de Janeiro that survived the Candelaria massacre, and in 2000, hijacked a bus. On September 16, 2008 the film was chosen by the Ministry of Culture as the representative of Brazil in the Oscar competition for best foreign film at the ceremony in 2009.

…Évian is served by a bus network, as well as a train station with regular trains to Geneva, Annemasse, and Bellegarde, as well as less frequent services to Paris and Lyon. There is also a very busy ferry service running between the town and Lausanne, as well as a more tourist-centered service that runs to Yvoire.

… station has an engine shed and a bus station; the station building is next to a cruise ship port. It serves four passenger trains per day, and has correspondence by bus onwards to the nearby towns of Molde and Ålesund. The station is manned and features a chapel within a retired train carriage.

…Ángel Acosta León (1930-1964) was a Cuban painter. His style owes much to surrealism, and expresses the pain he felt through much of his life. Animal, human and mechanical forms abound in his paintings, along with wheels, a reference to his lifelong fantasy of being a bus driver. His work has been compared to that of Wols.

Zuidplein station is located immediately adjacent to a large shopping centre of the same name. Ahoy Rotterdam, a large indoor arena, is also within walking distance of the station. A bus station is located directly underneath the metro station, providing access to local bus services.

Zmiiv has a bus station, which serves as a terminus for local bus routes. Zmiiv has also a regular bus connection with Kharkiv.

Zimmerman married Dorothy Gayford in 1930, and three children were born to them. Zimmeman never bought a house in the state capital of Columbus, he rode a bus from Springfield at the beginning of each week, and rode back to Springfield each Friday. He slept on a cot in his office.

Zimmerbergbus is a bus line in the district of Horgen, operated by the Sihltal Zürich Uetliberg Bahn (SZU) and its local partner firms: AHW Busbetriebe AG in Horgen, Busbetriebe Bamert GmbH in Wollerau, Leuthold Transfer AG in Horgen, and PostAuto Schweiz AG Region Zürich.

Zhongtong Bus’ major customers include the city of Boston, Shandong Province. It is also custom made for TransJakarta, a Bus Rapid Transit system in Jakarta, capital city of Indonesia.

Zero Time Exercise can be done anytime, anywhere, and by anybody. One can do it while sitting, standing or walking. Therefore, it can be done during many daily activities, like while sitting or standing in a bus or train, watching TV, queuing, waiting for people or transportation, and in a meeting or lecture.

… being sent to Moscow, Muzhakhoyeva also failed a mission to attack a bus with the Russian Air Force personnel in Mozdok, North Ossetia, and lived in the house of Nur-Pashi Kulayev in Ingushetia.

Zane and Emma get on a bus, but as it pulls away Sharp sees Barb in the back. As he wonders what is going on, Heather gets in the car with him and picks his handcuffs. They take off after the bus in a stolen Volkswagen Beetle. On the bus,…

… stops the donation program running on the name of Zamindar. Satyam as unemployed joins as a Bus conductor and Ramaiah dies of helplessness. Anandrao purchases the Bus and dismisses Satyam from the job. Chalapathi insults Sundaramma and…

Yūtoku Inari Shrine (祐徳稲荷神社), one of the three biggest and most famous Inari shrines in Japan. There is a bus from Hizen-Kashima Station to Yūtoku Inari Shrine.

… is also a stop, Yōga Station, on the Tōkyū Den-en-toshi line here. There is also a bus services (Tokyu Bus) and possible access to the area with numbers of buses.

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