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…Žižkov became an independent city in 1881, but at the time did not have a sufficiently large Catholic church for its population. An association for the establishment of a Catholic church was formed in 1879. In 1883, it bought a building…

…Śliwiński was born in Werblinia, Poland, in 1939. He was ordained a Catholic priest on December 17, 1961.

… the 1960 coup attempt. Not trusting Có, Diệm put a Catholic loyalist, Colonel Lâm Văn Phát, in command of the 7th Division on 31 October. According to tradition, Phát had to pay the corps commander a courtesy visit before assuming control of…

…Émilie received a bourgeois educational training at a Catholic private school, and qualified to become a teacher, which if a woman were to have a career was limited to education.

…Église Sainte-Marie is a Catholic church in Church Point, Nova Scotia, Canada. It is one of the largest and tallest wooden buildings in North America. Built in the form of a cross, the church nave measures 58 m in length, with transepts…

…École secondaire catholique l’Essor is a Catholic, French-language high school located in Tecumseh, Ontario, Canada (formerly St. Clair Beach), established in 1979. It serves the Francophone population ofEssex County. The name l’Essor,…

…École St. Patrick High School is a Catholic school in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada. It is operated by the Yellowknife Catholic School Board (YCS).

…École Notre-Dame les Oiseaux is a Catholic private school in Verneuil sur Seine, France. It serves levels primaire (primary) through lycée (senior high school/sixth form college).

…Álvaro Rodríguez Echeverría (born 1942 in San José, Costa Rica) is the 27th superior general of the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools, or De La Salle Brothers, a Catholic teaching order.W Matteo Salvini. Matteo Salvini Presidente del consiglio.

Zuhair Murad was born to a Catholic family in Ras Baalbek. Shortly after high school, Murad moved to Paris, where he obtained his degree in fashion.

… situation in Vienna, quickly made it clear to Marjane that she can’t live with them. Instead, after conferring with Taji back in Iran over the phone, Zozo arranged for Marjane to stay at a Catholic boarding facility in Vienna.

Zoltán Lajos Meszlényi the second child of five was born on 2 January 1892 in Hatvan near Budapest. His parents were Zoltán Meszlényi and Etel Burszky. The father at first was a teacher in a Catholic school, later he became school principal in Budapest. Here Zoltán went in Esztergom to gimnazy and to seminary.

Zmeskal was born in Houston, Texas and is a Catholic. From a young age, Zmeskal trained with coaching great Béla Károlyi, who had bought a run-down gym in Zmeskal’s Houston neighborhood. This gave Zmeskal the opportunity to observe and interact with her heroine, Mary Lou Retton.

Zlatić was born in 1912 in Lanišće, a village in Istria, Croatia, into a Catholic family. His parents were teachers. After the Italian occupation of Istria in 1918, the family lived as refugees in Trieste and Slovenia, finally settling in Zagreb in 1921.

Zinsser interviewed Woody Allen in 1963 for the Saturday Evening Post. After a chance encounter in 1980, Allen cast Zinsser, a Protestant, in a small role as a Catholic priest in his film Stardust Memories.

Zimmermann was a Catholic and had two children. He was in his third marriage. He died on 16 September 2012.

Zimmerman identifies as Hispanic on voter registration forms. He was raised as a Catholic and served as an altar boy from age 7 to 17. Zimmerman attended All Saints Catholic School in Manassas before going to public high school. At age 14,…

Zhang Wen-Chang was born in 1920. He was a member of the Sani ethnic group, a subgroup of the Yi people, an ethnic group from China and Vietnam. He enrolled in a Catholic seminary when he was twelve years old. He then graduated from the…

Zenon Clayton Raymond Hansen was born Sunday, July 23, 1909, in Hibbing, Minnesota. His parents were Nelson Christian Martin Hansen, a Protestant tailor and son of Swedish immigrants, and Ivah Delle Raymond Hansen, a Catholic housewife of French and Irish descent. His parents divorced when Hansen was four.

… sandstone. Zeba was initially founded in 1831 when Father Frederic Baraga, a Catholic priest, arrived and established the area’s first mission along the southern shore of Lake Superior’s Keweenaw Bay near present-day L’Anse. Early settlers included Peter Marksman Sr, Peter Hall, William Bass, and Benjamin George.

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