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… insertion of a glass bottle into his anus. The Martinović affair, as it became known, turned into a cause célèbre in Serbian politics. Although the facts of the incident remained in dispute for years afterwards, it played a significant role in worsening ethnic tensions between Kosovo’s Serb and Albanian populations.

…Élisabeth-Antoinette Le Michaud d’Arçon de Vaudey (Besançon, 27 October 1773- 1833?) was famous for her affair with French Emperor Napoleon I, which was a cause of a violent scene between the Emperor and his wife Joséphine shortly before their coronation.

… is not the reason why Starfleet is exploring the galaxy. As they walk away, T’Pol tells Archer that he said the correct thing, but Archer replies that he has a feeling that Zobral’s is a cause worth fighting.

Zinc deficiency may cause a decrease in appetite which can degenerate into anorexia or anorexia nervosa. Appetite disorders, in turn, cause malnutrition and, notably, inadequate zinc intake. Anorexia itself is a cause of zinc deficiency,…

Zillman posed with teammates Todd Carney and Dane Tilse for the Naked For A Cause 2008-09 calendar for the McGrath Foundation charity.

Ziggy was chained to the wall of an indoor enclosure, and remained there for nearly three decades. His confinement became a cause célèbre in the late 1960s, when school children and other animal enthusiasts began campaigning for his release.

Andrew Hamilton and the New York lawyer William Smith, Sr. The case was now a cause célèbre, with public interest at fever-pitch. Rebuffed repeatedly by chief justice James DeLancey during the trial, Hamilton decided to plead his client’s…

… 1926. These adhesions were later cited as a cause for his increasing mental delusions, and it became increasingly difficult for him to work owing to his physical and mental disabilities.

Wanrow became a cause célèbre of the feminist and American Indian movements, and her case reached the Washington Supreme Court, where its outcome had far-reaching effects on the manner in which juries interpret the behavior of a defendant, the legality of recorded conversations, and considerations for victims of sexual assault.

… operations with little or no coordination with other security agencies. In the short term, this strategy may appear effective for the president, who can unilaterally employ the force essentially as he pleases. However, it undermines morale in the security services and is a cause of their high desertion rates.

Youth Fusion Quebec, a non-profit, non-partisan organization that establishes partnerships between high schools and universities, in an effort to counter high school drop-out rates, will continue the publishing project with the Learning for a Cause imprint beginning in 2011-12.

… from that claim in state court. For example, if an individual who was charged with drug possession under a state law believes that the search was illegal, and in violation of their Fourth Amendment rights, that person may have a cause of…

… forgettable, though increasing violence from hooligans was a cause for concern. £30,000 was raised by sale of some land and £10,000 was gained from Tony Lacey’s move to Rochdale. ‘Troubles at the top’ were eventually settled with the re-election…

… exploding in the hands of legionaries. These actions became such a cause for concern by 1950 that the French Assembly voted a law against sabotage between March 2-8. At this session tension was so high between politicians that fighting ensued…

Young children are particularly vulnerable to ingesting feces of other people that are lying around after open defecation, because young children crawl on the ground, walk barefoot, and put things in their mouths without washing their hands. Feces of farmed animals are equally a cause of concern when children are playing in the yard.

You’ll Get Over It (À cause d’un garçon) is a gay-themed coming of age film released in 2002. The literal translation of the French title is Because of a Boy.

Yossele Schumacher (יוסל’ה שוחמכר; born 1952) is a Soviet-born Israeli whose abduction as a child in 1960 became a cause célèbre in Israel. Schumacher’s abduction by his Haredi Jewish grandparents, to prevent him from returning to the…

… stalkers, hunters/killers akin to Cenarian wetboys. Unlike wetboys, however, stalkers kill for a cause rather than for money. The way their people are described is similar to the likeness of the people of Mongolia.

Yevgeny continues his close association with the Jewish Federations of North America Speaker’s Bureau, annually performing throughout the United States to raise awareness and promote the assistance of refugees from around the world, a cause to which he is particularly dedicated.

Xaa-Pro aminopeptidase 3, also known as aminopeptidase P3, is an enzyme that in humans is encoded by the XPNPEP3 gene. XPNPEP3 localizes to mitochondria in renal cells and to kidney tubules in a cell type-specific pattern. Mutations in XPNPEP3 gene have been identified as a cause of an nephronophthisis-like disease.

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