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… represents a generation that felt marginalized by colonialism, Kingfisher, Jikinya and other poems, published in the same year, is a celebration of love and nature.

Zambales Mango Festival: The festival is a celebration of a bountiful harvest of mangoes and other agricultural products which the province is known for. It is also aimed to highlight the attractions and places of interest in all of its…

Yurithon: A celebration of all things yuri, including shoujo-ai and femmeslash, with events such as panels and screenings.

York boat races can still be seen in Norway House, Manitoba. Racers compete for a $25,000 top prize in a celebration called Treaty & York Boat Days.

… 2007), Secret Identity: The Fetish Art of Superman’s Co-creator Joe Shuster (Abrams, 2009), The Great Anti-War Cartoons (Fantagraphics, 2009), Boody (Fantagraphics, 2009) and Krazy Kat & the Art of George Herriman: A Celebration (Abrams, 2011).

Yellowjacket Weekend occurs at the beginning of the fall semester and is a celebration of school spirit; it includes a free concert and carnival among other events.

… ever success that he got after being admitted into the police force. At the last scene of the film, During a celebration, Riya asks Karthik to fill up a form and become an actual police officer, to which everyone starts laughing.

… performance of a bullfight in the Andean style (turupukllay) as part of a celebration called ‘yawar punchay’. According to critics, is the most successful of Arguedas’ novels, from a formal point of view. The author’s effort is appreciated…

Yap Day is a legal holiday in Yap State, one of the four states of the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM), held annually around March 1. It is a celebration of traditional Yapese culture. Common activities held during this time include competitions and traditional dances.

Yaoithon: A celebration of all things yaoi, including shounen-ai, slash-related phenomena and related fandom and communities, with events such as panels, screenings and workshops.

Yaniv fights with Ayellet about taking Omri to the parties they have in the village. Yaniv wants to take him to a celebration at the kindergarten but Omri disappears. Yaniv forces Ayellet to tell the police and the village, who are…

Yam is the main agricultural crop of the Igbos and also the staple food of her people. The New Yam Festival known as ‘Iwa-Ji ohuu’ or ‘Iri-Ji Ohuu’ is a celebration depicting the prominence of yam in the social-cultural life of our…

… this famous speech of Peter I – to cut their beards boyars. He died during a celebration of the The All-Joking, All-Drunken Synod of Fools and Jesters.

… globe. Not only does the festival provide a complete experiential zone teeming with art and culture, food, handicrafts but also offers an opportunity for first hand interactions with natives from various participating countries. It is a

World Fiddle Day was founded by Donegal fiddler Caoimhin Mac Aoidh in 2012. The May date was chosen to coincide with the 1737 death of Italian violin craftsman Antonio Stradivari. The first Toronto celebration was held in 2013 and that year there was a celebration in Winnipeg as well.

World Communion Sunday is a celebration observed by several Christian denominations, taking place on the first Sunday of every October, that promotes Christian unity and ecumenical cooperation. It focuses on an observance of the eucharist.

Woodville was the birthplace of the Mountain Rock Music Festival, a celebration of New Zealand music growing to be the largest celebration of NZ music during the 1990s.Artist Gottfried Lindauer is buried in the Old Gorge cemetery.

… the 30th year of Wood’s position as organist with a celebration. A celebration dinner and a silver loving cup presented in 1904 marked his 40th year of service. Concurrent with his employment at St. Stephen’s, Wood was also organist at the…

… medals through 2015 and another Olympic gold in 2012. Each of those victories was marked with a celebration victory dance and the same sprint between the fourth and third remaining barriers that he learned from Shaheen in this race.

Within six months of release of the album, it sold at more than 25,000 copies, thereby reaching platinum status, resulting in the production of a celebration edition, Daniel Celebration Edition 慶功收藏版, containing MVs of 4 of his songs and a mini photo album of himself in various dressing styles.

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