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Yu Xintian noted two contrary trends in culture due to economic globalization. Yu argued that culture and industry not only flow from the developed world to the rest, but trigger an effort to protect local cultures. He notes that economic globalization began after World War II, whereas internationalization began over a century ago.

Yaniqueque – Jonnycakes, a dish brought by sugarcane workers from the Lesser Antilles over a century ago.

With the proliferation of graded schools in the middle of the 19th century, retention became a common practice, as were mid-term promotions. In fact, a century ago, approximately half of all American students were retained at least once before the age of 13.

… time for students decreases. It has been found that the average American sleeps an hour and a half less than the average sleep time half a century ago.

With Carlye Adler, Webb authored a New York Times best-selling book entitled Rebooting Work: Transform How You Work in the Age of Entrepreneurship, which was published in January 2013. The book focuses on how work models developed a century ago are out of sync today, identifies four mindsets about work, and explains how to leverage technology to change how we work. Over the years, Webb has blogged about entrepreneurship and work in the Internet economy.

… power of the legendary Dark Elf, which had brought about the Elf Wars a century ago that left the Earth in a disastrous state.

National Monument, then awaiting future design. The immortal words of Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address gave this spot a historical and patriotic association. Gettysburg National Cemetery became the honored property of the nation on May 1, 1872, now a century ago.

While there is no prohibition in the area of the didgeridoo’s origin, such restrictions have been applied by other Indigenous communities. The didgeridoo was introduced to the Kimberleys almost a century ago but it is only in the last decade that Aboriginal men have shown adverse reactions to women playing the instrument and prohibitions are especially evident in the South East of Australia. The belief that women are prohibited from playing is widespread among non-Aboriginal people and is also common among Aboriginal communities in Southern Australia; some ethnomusicologists believe that the dissemination of the Taboo belief and other misconceptions is a result of commercial agendas and marketing. Tourists generally rely on shop employees for information when…

While the Fore people stopped eating human meat half a century ago, the disease lingered due to kuru’s long incubation period of anywhere from 10 to over 50 years. The epidemic declined sharply after discarding cannibalism, from 200 deaths per year in 1957 to 1 or no deaths annually in 2005, with the last known kuru victim dying in 2009.

… diversity of methods employed by all labor organizations. Confronted with such obstacles, militant IWW members tend to believe in a return to a union philosophy that was common a century ago, in which unjust labor laws are challenged directly by union actions, rather than accepted as a framework within which the union must operate.

While initially settled over a century ago, much of the city in its current form was built in the middle of the 20th century, particularly around and just after World War II, distinguishing Grosse Pointe Woods from older portions of Grosse Pointe.

Kira though a marriage that took place a century ago between Johnny Joestar and Rina Higashikata. Both discover that Holy Joestar-Kira is the last of the line and is in Morioh. Josuke attempts to meet with her, but is attacked by the Stand…

American airmen, of jitterbugging and movies. And of murder. As Banks and Annie unravel the deceptive and disparate relationships of half a century ago, suspense heightens and the past finally bursts into the present with terrifying consequences.

There are some sixty homes, many of them still owned and occupied by descendents of the original settlers. The residents are proud and protective of their town’s heritage, established over a century ago by people determined to overcome the…

… this old landmark, rich in historic associations of more than a century ago, should fall into the hands of those who by birth, tradition, and sentiment are particularly fitted to receive and preserve it and perpetuate the memories of the days when it was occupied by the French and their Indian allies, and afterwards by the British and Colonial troops.

What is now described as Parthian art since the end of the 19th century, was not known as such a century ago. Palmyra since that time has had numerous sculptures sent to Europe. They depict men and women in robes, richly decorated with…

Warden is situated on a triangle of land between the two Tynes. It had a water mill on the North Tyne and a paper mill on the South Tyne, which started in 1763 and still exists. A century ago a visitor described how the rags were converted into beautiful white paper. The mill employed 63 hands.

Ward Acres provides residents with a unique park experience within a natural setting. Wooded areas are much the same as they had been over a century ago, and current park trails follow the alignment of the early horse farm’s trails and…

Urmia was an important center for higher education approximately a century ago, indeed, medical faculty of Urmia which was built by Joseph Cochran and a team of American medical associates in 1878, is the first University of Iran.

… characterized by distant bloodlines, unfamiliar relations and competitive behavior. This unprecedented movement of people is forecast to continue and intensify during the next few decades, mushrooming cities to sizes unthinkable only a century ago.

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