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…Ōhashi-ya (大橋屋), an inn that first opened in 1649, less than half a century after the creation of the Tōkaidō, still operates today. The building it uses was built in 1716. During a census in 1733, there were 83 inns in Akasaka-juku, but…

…Đorđe Mihailović (Ђорђе Михаиловић; Thesalloniki, 1 May 1928) is a keeper of Serbian Military Cemetery at Zeitenlik, in Thesalloniki. For more than half a century Đorđe Mihailović welcomes and sends off the descendants of Serbian soldiers who died in Salonika front during the First World War. He shows them where the bones of their ancestors are stored.

… bosquet at which time the causeway was remodeled and most of the water jets were removed. A century later, in 1817, Louis XVIII ordered the Île du roi and the Miroir d’Eau to be completely remodeled as an English-style garden. At this time, the bosquet was rechristened Jardin du roi (Marie 1968, 1972, 1976, 1984; Thompson 2006; Verlet 1985).

…Établissements V. Vermorel was a French engineering business that existed between 1850 and 1965: for more than a century, until the death in 1957 of Édouard Vermorel, it was a family run business.

… claim the high-kingship of Ireland itself. For over a century afterwards the royal rulers of Leinster were regularly drawn from the family. Énna and his immediate family were members of the Meic Murchada, a branch of the Uí Chennselaig descended and named after Diarmait mac Máel na mBó’s son, Murchad.

… career in 1977 at the Istanbul daily Milliyet, shifting in 1985 as a regular columnist for Hürriyet, an influential position which he has maintained for nearly a quarter of a century. He is also the author of numerous books which focus…

…Çanakkale is the name for a site earlier known as Kale-I-Sultaniye, which was adopted as the official term for the town in 1890, though current a century earlier.Çanakkale was an Ottoman fortress called Kale-i Sultaniye (قلعة سلطانيه) or…

…Åström’s autobiography, Ögonblick: från ett halvsekel i UD-tjänst (“Moments: From Half a Century in the Duty of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs”), was published in 1992.

…Álvaro Uribe is elected President of Colombia in 2002, the first political independent to do so in more than a century and a half, creating the centre-right political movement known as uribism. Uribe was re-elected in 2006.

… at least a century, struggling with the rival clans, such as the Ayala, Orozco, and Velasco. They traced themselves as a stem of the House of Haro, another powerful clan of the Basque countries.

…Áed, or his descendants, claim he was the senior representative of the Uí Néill of Tír Eogain, a kin-group claiming descent from 10th-century high-king Niall Glúndub. For more than a century the Uí Néill of Tír Eogain had been eclipsed by…

…Áed came into power at a critical period in the history of Ireland. Raids by Norse Vikings had taken place for half a century, and the Norse settlements now seemed to have become permanent establishments more than just bases for raids.

Zwanenburg residents for more than a century. For this reason, the history of Zwanenburg cannot be seen separately from the history of Halfweg.

… on what to do. The Earth Kingdom protestors are unhappy with Aang’s decision, having suffered the presence of the colonies for over a century, and give him three days before they attempt to retake the city for themselves. Returning to the Fire Nation, Zuko visits his father for advice.

Zsa Zsa Gabor portrayed Avril in the original Moulin Rouge (1952); half a century later, the semi-fictionalized character was reinterpreted by Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge! (2001). Avril is one of the characters in Per Olov Enquist’s book The Book of Blanche and Marie, which portrays the lives of Blanche Wittman and Marie Curie.

… influential hymnbook of Christian Gregor, which remained in use among the German-speaking congregations for about a century. This contained 1750 hymns, 308 of them written or recast by Gregor himself. Gregor’s procedure in compiling these hymns is…

… and Martin Guptill (51) helping set up a strong total. Playing their first away Test since the Centurion in March 2005, Zimbabwes seamers failed to exploit favourable early conditions. Ross Taylor made a century and New Zealand was 5/331 at stumps.

Zimbabwe has a long research tradition dating back a century. However, the economic crisis has precipitated an exodus of university students and professionals in key areas of expertise (medicine, engineering, etc.) that is of growing…

His first attempt to retrieve them failed, and it took him so much energy to make her that he slept for a century. Upon awakening, he creates Pandora and sends her to Earth to do the job properly. She succeeds in Volume 3, defeating his…

Zeshin remains, in fact, the only artist to be successful in the medium of urushi-e, as it requires specially treated paper, and a very particular consistency of lacquer to be used as paint. Zeshin also revived a complex lacquer technique called seikai-ha to produce wave forms; this technique is so difficult it had not been used for over a century.

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