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Gan and Lady Mi also survived the battle. Zhang Fei’s biography also briefly mentioned that Zhang remained behind with 20 horsemen to block Cao Cao’s pursuing forces. The bridge was already destroyed when Zhang Fei bellowed a challenge, similar…

Zhang maintained his form into the following season and built upon his 2012 junior regional title with a senior gold medal at the 2015 Asian Athletics Championships in Wuhan, matching his best to see off a challenge from Japan’s Seito Yamamoto.

… height proved to be a challenge for the pair, and in May 2012, it was announced that their partnership had ended and she was retiring from competition. Zhang Hao formed a new partnership, while Zhang Dan stated that she would focus on her university studies.

Zedler intended to summarize many previously available reference works on various fields of knowledge into a single large work of reference. The plan was a challenge to the established publishers of Leipzig.For example, Johann Friedrich…

Youth employment creation, like elsewhere in Kenya, is still a challenge. Environmental decline especially soil erosion, deforestation, and over-reliance on old cash-cropping with inadequate attention to traditional staple crops for a growing population, land fragmentation and a changing climatic regime – these are also emerging issues.

Youngen earned her doctorate degree from the Ohio State University in 1971 while maintaining a leadership role on campus. A true competitor, she was always one to take on a challenge, whether it entailed racing one of her male students in the 1970s, or pushing for recreational programs to be open to the community in the 1980s.

… uprooted. Moving day is a challenge as the Barbers move into Carrie’s house, with Jim’s eldest daughter, Sandy, being cold to Carrie. Andrew B. and Moira surprise everyone when they are found kissing in the back yard. To try to bring them…

… network youth and youth workers from a variety of backgrounds have joined together to reach out to the under privileged in the society. Together, they present a challenge for young people around the globe to reach out to the needy and build a better world.

You threw a bottle rack and urinal in their faces as a challenge and now they admire them for their aesthetic beauty.

Silver, and Olympic swimmer Natalie Coughlin, who he dressed for the premiere of Dancing With the Stars. Solomon’s designs also featured in a challenge of America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 13, with Jay Manuel.

… for the Championship play-offs but were beaten by Swinton. In 1933, York beat Hull Kingston Rovers 10-4 in the Yorkshire Cup final held at Headingley. 10 February 1934, York’s record attendance was set when 14,689 turned up to watch a Challenge Cup match against Swinton, which ended in a 0-0 draw.

Anyway, in April 1886, he came to the Kōdōkan dojo in order to present a challenge, but pledged himself to Jigoro Kano’s teachings when he was bested right there by the much smaller Saigō Shirō. Yokoyama further assisted Kano in establishing the Kōdōkan and its reputation.

Xiu-Mei – the younger daughter of Bitsy and Brad, adopted from China. She worries her parents sick with her pacifier addiction. Her stubborn ways prove to be a challenge for Brad and Bitsy.

… system whenever the gamer was connected to Xbox Live. Gamers who successfully completed a challenge, such as earning a certain quantity of achievement points within a given time period, could earn physical or virtual rewards.

McManus-owned gelding would have gone close had he not unseated when starting to issue a challenge at the Canal Turn second time in the 1996 race. The Arthur Moore-trained 11/1 shot failed to improve on that and was chasing the leaders when he blundered at Becher’s Brook on the second circuit and unseated Charlie Swan.

Wrought iron is good for garden furniture, providing a classic look. However, it is heavy, which is a challenge, but appreciated on windy days. It needs much care, though, and can easily rust and corrode if not waterproofed. Aluminum is…

Workouts this week were also a challenge, as the trainers motivated the couples with goal inspired themes. Chase has ambitions to be a police officer, so trainer Nicky got a six-foot wall for him to climb mocking police academy training.

… brought on a challenge of building tools that would construct max files from scratch and FumeFX simulations from that. He used a combination of FumeFX and Karatoa, along with Max’s built-in particle system Particle Flow.

Working around Richard Dean Andersons reduced schedule was a challenge for Tapping. Nevertheless, Tapping, Michael Shanks and Christopher Judge knew going into season 7 that this allowed for their characters to be fleshed out a bit more and to have a bit more screen time. She did not think the dynamics or the chemistry of the team had suffered.

… opened on 12 August 1965 when the Kilkenny Senior Hurling team played a challenge match against Waterford. The game was refereed by Tommy Foran and the Kilkenny team featured Piltown’s Ned Power (Brenor).

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