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Zone defenses requires that a defender cover an area on the court, and does not follow a check, but covers a check that comes into their area.

Young flew several inaugural continental and transcontinental flights while with TCA/Air Canada and also acted as a check pilot for Americans applying to fly with Trans-Atlantic Ferry Command.

… her having to have an emergency c-section. When Alexis learns that it was Sammy Jo who told Fallon that Blake wasn’t her father, she offers Sammy Jo a check for $20,000 to sign a declaration stating that she and Steven never consummated…

Yichud can be circumvented by the presence of other individuals (shomrim, guards or Chaperones), who would serve to provide a check on the man’s behavior. Generally, Torah-observant Jewish men qualify as shomrim. Female relatives that…

… and testified in return for a lighter sentence. Rozier later entered the Witness Protection Program, but returned to prison after being given a 25 years to life sentence under California’s three strikes law, following a check kiting conviction.

The doctor leaves, Rosalie shows up, with her just-born infant. Rosalie and baby leave, and Fatima and the doctor return, and they speak, mostly Fatima telling her story, trying to recruit Xman. She ends by telling Xman there is a paid-for room waiting for him in a hotel near Times Square, and a check for his immediate needs.

X CHECK is a check card offering X cashback points accumulation according to the amount of expenditure; X HYBRID is a hybrid card offering X cashback points accumulation according to the amount of expenditure.

With the introduction of the computerised Traffic Monitoring System (TMS) in 1980, the class was renumbered. The DX class received four-digit numbers starting with 5, in which the fourth number is a check digit for the number. The…

… aorta. A lengthwise slit is made through the pinched face, and the open end of the valved conduit is carefully sutured to the slit. Once the suture line is checked for leaks, the aortic partial side clamp is removed and the valved conduit fills with blood up to the bioprosthetic valve. The valve acts as a check valve, thereby maintaining hemostasis.

With the civil war there came a check to Cleyn’s prosperity, and he was chiefly employed in etching and designing illustrations for books; in 1632 he had already provided the illustrations (engraved by Pierre Lombart and S. Savery) to…

… his business.) He does not mention an allegation of a check for $500,000 found in the pocket of an executed White officer. Swenson reports he declined an offer from a former White officer to raid the coast and recover the furs by force.

… registered in Aruba under the Insel Air Aruba brand, was subjected to a C-check before re-entering service at the demand of The Curaçao Civil Aviation Authority. But because the aircraft had already gone through a check, two less rigorous…

With a check weigher programmed as a zone checkweigher, the data collection over the networks, as well as local statistics, can indicate the need to check the settings on the upstream equipment to better control flow into the packaging. In…

With a check digit, one can detect simple errors in the input of a series of characters (usually digits) such as a single mistyped digit or some permutations of two successive digits.

With a check digit of X, the VIN 1M8GDM9A_KP042788 is written 1M8GDM9AXKP042788.

Winnings teams sometimes win a monetary prize provided by either program sponsors the studio itself. This prize can come in the form of a scholarship or as a check to the winning school that the administration will decide its use.

Winger Jimmie Ölvestad received a game misconduct penalty in the third round game against Luleå HF, after dealing a check to the head on Luleå’s Mattias Persson, which caused him to suffer a concussion. Ölvestad was subsequently suspended for three games and had to pay a 15,000 SEK fine. Luleå came out on top with a 5-2 win.

August 2016, Wilson’s Why Not You Foundation presented a check for $1,060,005 to Seattle Children’s Hospital for its Strong Against Cancer initiative.

William’s career received a check in 1547 with the downfall of his half-nephew Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey. However the setback was temporary. He was an ally of John Dudley, 1st Duke of Northumberland, then Earl of Warwick, in his coup…

William Henry Pickering noted that at eight stations in Canada a trembling of the house or ground was felt. In many other places loud, thunder-like sounds were heard, occasionally by people who had not seen the meteors themselves. Pickering used the sound reports to perform a check on the height of the meteors, which he calculated at 35 miles (56 km).

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