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… comes from a reduplication of suit. The creation and naming of the zoot suit have been variously attributed to Harold C. Fox, a Chicago clothier and big-band trumpeter; Charles Klein and Vito Bagnato of New York City; Louis Lettes, a Memphis…

Zekman’s father, Theodore N. Zekman, was a Chicago ophthalmologist.

Zagel had roles in two major motion pictures. He played a Chicago judge in the 1989 movie, Music Box, and a physician in the 1991 movie, Homicide, written and directed by David Mamet. Zagel performs in motion pictures under his stage name of J.S. Block.

You may recognize the Alternate Wail from a video of a Chicago tornado warning, it is not a broken siren, it’s a modulator.

Yakov Leib HaKohain (“YaLHaK”) was born in 1934 into a Chicago family of Turkish Sephardi descent on his mother’s side and Romanian Kohanim descent on his father’s. He studied Jungian Thought and Comparative Religion for six years…

Wrigley Gulf was discovered in December 1940 by the US Antarctic Service (USAS), and named for Philip Wrigley, a Chicago manufacturer who helped support the expedition.

Wright began his coaching career in 1962 with the Salt Lake City Bees of the Triple-A Pacific Coast League, then was a member of the Cubs’ experimental College of Coaches in 1963-64 before becoming a Chicago scout, minor league pitching…

Work on the Blackstone Library began in 1893 under the direction of Solon Spencer Beman, a Chicago architect. He designed the library in the Neoclassical Revival style with details taken from the Erechtheum of the Athenian Acropolis. The…

Woodward is a trained short and long form improviser. She trained at Laugh Masters Academy, a Chicago style improvisational comedy school in Sydney.

Woman’s Athletic Club is a historic building located along the Magnificent Mile in the Near North Side community area of Chicago, Illinois. Founded in 1898, it is the home of the first athletic club for women in the United States. It was named a Chicago Landmark on October 2, 1991.

Wodening grew up in a Chicago suburb, and moved to Fraser, Colorado, when she was eleven years old. After graduating highschool in Boulder, she dropped out of college and went to New York City. After meeting Stan Brakhage, the couple…

Witwer’s first on-screen credit was that of a Chicago Bulls commercial. He soon found himself in speaking roles on hit television series, such as ER.

Redskins running back John Riggins capped off a 74-yard drive with a 1-yard touchdown run then cut the lead, 16-10. But a roughing the passer penalty call against Ken Coffey set up Dennis McKinnon’s 16-yard reception to cap a Chicago 77-yard scoring drive to push their lead back to 13 at 23-10.

With the increased capacity and efficiencies of its own factory, The Corporate Presence took additional growth steps. A Chicago office was opened in 2001, followed by an office in Hong Kong office in 2005, and one in Sydney in 2006.

With the heat on from the cops, a crooked newspaperman named Keely tries to bribe Schaefer but fails. He persuades Capone to move to Florida until things cool down. From a safe distance, Capone masterminds the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre, with several of Moran’s men gunned down in a Chicago garage.

… accordion in the event that there was no piano available with which to play for the troops. In St Vith, Belgium on 14 October 1944, Marian met a Chicago cornetist named Jimmy McPartland…

With 11:40 left in the third quarter, Redskins cornerback Darrell Green scored on a 52-yard punt return for a touchdown, a play made even more memorable when Green injured his ribs hurdling over a Chicago defender en route to the end zone.

Wirt Dexter Walker was a Chicago lawyer (born September 1, 1860 died April 24, 1899) He was the son of successful Chicago attorney James M. Walker and Eliza M. Walker and was named after Wirt Dexter, the junior partner at his father’s firm Walter VanArman & Dexter.

Williamson died of a cerebral hemorrhage at a Chicago hospital in 2013, aged 64.

Williams joined a Chicago Cubs team that would feature stars such as Ernie Banks, Ferguson Jenkins, and Ron Santo by the early 1960s. Rogers Hornsby (seven NL batting titles), who by 1960 was serving as a scout and coach in the Cubs organization, predicted Williams would someday win a batting title.

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