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… national team, as well as being its top scorer. In 2001, he made Vietnamese football history by becoming the first Vietnamese footballer signed to play abroad when he joined Chongqing Lifan, a Chinese Super League club. He returned to Vietnam…

… musical ambitions. Stupid and gullible but well meaning, Ólafur is often on the receiving end of bad situations, becoming involved in advance-fee fraud with a man from Nigeria, and falling foul of a Chinese protein shake which induces lactation. He is submissive and often follows Georg’s instructions, no matter how unusual, without question.

… league side Veranópolis before having another chance to join a Chinese team in Qingdao Jonoon at the beginning of the 2011 Chinese Super League.

Zuo Xiaoqing (born 25 June 1977) is a Chinese actress, TV presenter and former rhythmic gymnast.

Zulfiya, according to her official profile, is an ethnic Dungan and speaks a Chinese language (Dungan language) as her first language.

Zu Yong (699-746?) was a Chinese poet of the High Tang period. His courtesy name is unknown.

Zu Lijun (born 26 November 1989) is a Chinese competitive swimmer who specialises in long-distance open water events.

Zu Cui (born 20 June 1990) is a Chinese team handball player. She plays for the club Anhui HC, and on the Chinese national team. She represented China at the 2013 World Women’s Handball Championship in Serbia, where the Chinese team placed 18th.

Zouxiang quanqiu zhanzheng zhilu: erci dazhan qiyuan yanjiu (The Road to a Global War: A Chinese Study of the Origins of the Second World War; Shanghai: Xuelin, 1989).

Zou Zhongting (Chinese: 邹仲霆; Pinyin: Zōu Zhòngtíng; born 21 May 1987 in Shanghai) is a Chinese football player who currently plays for China League One side Beijing Enterprises.

Zou Ye (Chinese: 邹野 born 20 October 1957 in Henan province, China), is a Chinese modern classical and film music composer. Zou was from the first generation of musical composition graduates from the Wuhan Conservatory of Music (then named the Hubei Academy of Fine Arts), when such education resumed with the end of the Cultural Revolution.

Zou Lijuan is a Chinese track and field athlete. She won a gold medal at the Women’s javelin throw F34 event at the 2016 Summer Paralympics with a world record of 21.86.

Zou Liankang is a Chinese swimmer. He won the gold medal at the Men’s 100 metre Backstroke S2 event at the 2016 Summer Paralympics with a world record and paralympic record of 1:45.25.

Zou Jingzhi (邹静之, 1952) is a Chinese playwright. He has written the librettos for two Chinese-language western-style operas by woman composer Lei Lei: Xi Shi (opera) based on the story of Xi Shi, and The Chinese Orphan (2011) based on the story The Orphan of Zhao. The premiere of both operas was at Beijing’s NCPA.

Zou Jie (Chinese:邹捷; born January 17, 1981 in Dalian) is a Chinese football player who currently plays for China League Two side Hainan Boying.

Zou Dehai (Chinese: 邹德海; born 27 February 1993 in Dalian) is a Chinese footballer who plays for Hangzhou Greentown in the China League One.

McDowell in Exitz. Her more recent films include Highway 203 (2006), Moonlight (2006), Just Married (2007) and Kabhi Up Kabhi Down. She has also acted in a Chinese film, Bandung Sonata, in which she played Indira Gandhi.

Zonergy is a Chinese energy conglomerate engaged in the development of solar and biomass energy and the cultivation of palm oil.

… but at the airport about to leave, he sees Nadine, accompanied by a Chinese man, Mr Han. She has returned following the sudden death of her grandmother. At the funeral, at which Zinos arrives uninvited (having left the airport rather than…

Zinoro 1E (之诺1E) is all-electric crossover, based on the BMW X1, is the first product of BMW Brilliance’s new brand and the first new energy vehicle (NEV) from a Chinese premium manufacturer. Since early 2014 the Zinoro 1E is available for leasing only in Beijing and Shanghai.

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