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…Ἔσοπτρον Βασιλικόν. Or a Kenning-Glasse for a Christian King. Dedicated to James I, London, 1603.

…Ḥīrā was a Christian centre, being a diocese of the Church of the East between the fourth and eleventh centuries. A particular Mār ‘Abdīšo’ (ܡܪܝ ܥܒܕܝܫܘܥ) was born in Maysan (ܡܝܫܢ Mayšān) and moved to Ḥīrā after studying elsewhere under Mār…

…ΧΡ, the first two letters (chi and rho) of the Greek word for Christ, signify that the life of a Christian should not be egocentric or world-centric but Christocentric, centered around Christ.

…Žižka’s name first became prominent during the Hussite Wars. The Hussites were a Christian movement following the teachings of Czech priest, philosopher, reformer, and master at Charles University in Prague, Jan Hus (c. 1369-1415). On…

Schmidt blames the Jews for everything, and Marija is forced to pretend to be a Christian woman whose officer husband is on the Eastern Front. She lives with Schmidt for months, writing letters to find Jakob.

…Ōtomo divorced his Shinto-priestess wife and converted to Catholicism in 1578. In December of 1580, around age 19, Rodrigues joined the Jesuit novitiate at Ōita (“Funai”). At the time, the Society of Jesus reckoned a Christian community in Japan of about 100,000 converts.

…Ōmura donated a piece of land and a house to the Jesuit mission from his own personal property. The house was used as a Jesuit residence and Torres established a Christian cemetery, as well as a hospital on the donated land. This cemetery was particularly important for the mission, since Buddhist temples refused to bury Japanese Christian converts.

…Ødegaard has grown up in a Christian family and has expressed that religious faith is an important part of his life. He was named in Time’s 30 most influential teenagers of 2015.

… attached serpent or beast heads. There is nothing in the text or design of the inscription that identifies it as being a Christian memorial. The inscription is signed by a runemaster named Lófi. No other surviving runestones have his signature.

… eighteen villages of the Neutrals in 1640-1641, and gave each a Christian name. The only ones mentioned in their writings were Kandoucho, or All Saints, the nearest to the Huron Nation; Onguioaahra, on the Niagara River; Teotongniaton or St. William, in the centre of their country; and Khioetoa, or St. Michel (near the present Windsor, ON).

…Éowyn (born Rebecca Éowyn Denee Krueger on March 1, 1979) is a Christian alternative rock artist from the Nashville, Tennessee area that began in 1999.

…Æthelwealh became a Christian while in Mercia where the King of Mercia, King Wulfhere, sponsored his baptism. At this time the people of Sussex were pagans.

… banished a brother-in-law named Æthelweard in 1020. A later story stated that Cnut favoured Æthelnoth because Æthelnoth had bestowed chrism on the king. This may be a garbled account of Æthelnoth’s participation in Cnut’s confirmation as a

…Æthelburh of Kent (born 605, sometimes spelled Æthelburg, Ethelburga, Æthelburga; Æþelburh, Æðelburh, Æðilburh, also known as Tate or Tata), was an early Anglo-Saxon queen consort of Northumbria, the second wife of King Edwin. As she was a Christian from Kent, their marriage triggered the initial phase of the conversion of the pagan north of England to Christianity.

…Åmland is married with three children. He is a Christian and was a central figure in Levende Ord Bibelsenter in the 2000s, He left the congregation in 2008.

Zyuganov is a Christian communist. According to Zyuganov, Jesus Christ was the first communist, claiming the Bible may be read through a socialist perspective. Zyuganov also stated that Communism does not need to antagonize the Christian Orthodox Church.

Zukertort was born 7 September 1842 in Lublin, Congress Poland as Jan Hermann Cukiertort. He said that his mother was the Baroness Krzyżanowska (Krzyzanovska). His father was a Christian Protestant missionary of Jewish origin. The…

Zruanduxt had married a King Client who was a Christian in faith, as she was a follower of the Zoroastrianism, a pagan faith that was the official state religion of the Sasanian Empire. It’s unknown whether she became a Christian in faith.

Zosimus records how Serena, a Christian, took a necklace from a statue of Rhea Silvia and placed it on her own neck. An old woman, the last of the Vestal Virgins, appeared, who rebuked Serena and called down punishment upon her for her act of impiety. Serena was then subject to dreadful dreams predicting her own untimely death.

Zosimus (Greek: Ζωσιμος) was a Christian martyr who was executed in Umbria, Italy, during the reign of Emperor Trajan. The feast day of martyr Zosimus is June 19.

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