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Zvi Kolitz (צבי קוליץ; December 14, 1912 – September 29, 2002) was a Lithuanian-born Jewish film and theatrical producer and a writer whose short story Yosl Rakover Talks to God became a classic of Holocaust literature.

Zuni Salt Lake, also Zuñi Salt Lake is a rare high desert lake, and a classic maar. It is located in Catron County, about 60 miles south of the Zuni Pueblo, New Mexico, USA. Zuñi Salt Lake is extremely shallow, with a depth of only four…

… game takes the core idea of Zombie Gunship by shooting zombies from an AC-130. The game is presented in a classic arcade mode with sideview gameplay. The player is to tap the Gunship in order to fly up, shoot zombies and dodge humans.

Zika’s black-and-white photographs are enlarged using a classic technique, and always shot on a negative—he never touches them up digitally. Not being influenced by modernity, it’s difficult to place a date on the vast majority of Adolf…

… down by the attack of Soviet center units, Soviet armored units swept around the flanks and attacked the Japanese in the rear, achieving a classic double envelopment. When the Soviet wings linked up at Nomonhan village on 25 August, the…

… standards through four Southern California owners, she has benefited from 35 years of continuous ownership by her previous owners, the Jordans. Zapata II was winner of several yacht opening day inspections trophies. She is a classic, one-of-a-kind vessel with an excellent history.

Zack Handlen of The A.V. Club gave the episode an ‘A’ rating, describing it as a classic and noting the well-written roles of Kirk, Spock and McCoy.

… century, a classic of the Odesa school of painting. He created easel and monumental paintings, drawings, tapestries, ceramics, stained glass, and mosaics.

… established by him (Nepomorpha Popov, 1968, Gerromorpha Popov, 1971, and Leptopodomorpha Popov, 1971). He was the author of more than 170 publications, including a classic monograph on the evolution of water bugs.

… somewhere between the two other projects, with a stripped-down Detroit techno style, with a little experimental edge. His latest solo work on the Tresor label moves to a classic techno feel.

Yorkminster Park offers traditional Sunday services at 11:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. in a classic cathedral setting. With its longstanding tradition of high quality preaching and music, Yorkminster Park draws members and visitors from across…

Yo-Yo – a classic amusement park ride, featuring a series of swings suspended on long chains from a rotating upper carousel. This ride was located south of the Big Dipper, immediately west of the Paratrooper and Magic Rainbow rides during…

… cannot help writing a letter to Bender, which is sent without Yivo knowing. Yivo’s body appears like a classic vision of Heaven, with Angels really being harmless birds. Leela does not trust Yivo’s motives at first, but when she sees that everyone is happy, she succumbs to her own loneliness and accepts Yivo.

… his name from ‘de Berry’ to ‘Fraiseux’ or ‘Frezeliere’. His direct descendants were to become the lords of Neidpath Castle, then known as Oliver. This origin has been disputed, and seen as a classic example of canting heraldry, where heraldic symbols are derived from a pun on similar-sounding surname: (strawberry flowers – fraises).

… (2002), Martin C. Strong (2004), and Sputnikmusic (2006) have respectively allotted the album a nine-out-of-10 rating, a four-star rating, a five-star rating and a seven-out-of-10 rating. Strictly Business is now widely considered to be a classic release and a seminal hip hop album.

Years after its debut, Halloween enjoys a reputation as a classic and is considered by many as one of the best films of 1978.

Yasir owned a classic 1973 Ford Mustang.

Yan Shuilong also worked in advertisement design. Between 1933 and 1940, he painted commercial advertisements for Osaka Smoca Tooth Powder Company. These works were later collected in a series that became a classic exemplar of Japanese advertising design in the 1930s.

Yahudi Ki Ladki (The Jew’s Daughter) is a historical Urdu play by Agha Hashar Kashmiri, on the theme of persecution of Jews by the Romans. It was first published in 1913. The play became his best known work, and a classic in Parsi-Urdu theatre. It was made into an Urdu film in 1963 to commemorate its 50th anniversary.

Yahudi Ki Ladki (The Daughter of a Jew), published in 1915, became his best known work. In the coming years, it became a classic in Parsi-Urdu theatre. It was adapted several times in the silent film and early talkies eras, notably Yahudi Ki Ladki (1933) by New Theatres, and by Bimal Roy, as Yahudi (1958) starring Dilip Kumar, Meena Kumari and Sohrab Modi.

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